Thursday, September 6, 2007

Car Seatbelt Sleeves and Tutorial

Kelli recently posted a tutorial I wrote about making car seatbelt sleeves. Thank you, Kelli!

My car seatbelt cuts into my neck and causes me worry about the potential for decapitation in event of an accident. As my thank you for Kelli’s generosity, I made her a set which she has now received—I want her to keep her head, too.

Kelli loves Africa. To honor that I found a fabric print I felt emulated giraffes, embroidered a giraffe on each sleeve, and then packaged them so they’d make a nice presentation—to me, that’s part of a gift.

Thinking about giraffes inspired a trip to Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson to study these graceful animals more closely. The zoo has a program wherein children can actually hand-feed the giraffes. A believer in verisimilitude, I got in line, too—the oldest but just as curious person in that line of kids.

Did you know giraffes have a marvelously blue tongue? No blue tongues were embroidered on my version of giraffes as it wouldn’t do for Kelli to think I was sticking my tongue out at her.

Christmas gifts this year will involve many seatbelt sleeves using fabrics from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and so on for women, a nice “manly” fabric for men, and some fun fabrics for children.

Here is a set made using a Chinese children’s fabric (an eBay find), backed with green/white checked gingham.

The fabric label is one I made using my Junie Moon logo. The seatbelt sleeves are machine washable.

In addition to viewing the tutorial on Kelli’s blog, you can find it in my Junie Moon Tutorials section in the right-hand column.


Carol said...

Awesome June! I will need to make a few for my car as well......I'd like to keep my head too.
I agree 100% about packaging and it's also a great way to pump up a not so fabulous gift, as if you've ever given anything not so fabulous ;)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great idea with all the great kids fabrics. I must make purple ones with dragonflies to match my seatcovers. I must take photos to show you them. I love my purple seatcovers.

Jan(mjanice12) said...

I remember seeing your tutorial on Kelli's blog, but the way you presented them here is stunning. The African themed covers are beautiful, and I just love the little Chinese children's print. How did you make the packaging label on Kelli's gift?

jojo* said...

Yes, I agree with you. Kelli should definitely keep her head! :)

I love the idea of these as a present--useful, cute, potentially lifesaving. The people who use these everyday are going to think of you every time they strap themselves in. Thanks again for the great tut! Love the labels too.

Lynn said...

I am still so excited that you have a blog now! I just watched a documentary on giraffes on PBS, and they're fascinating! Those are beautiful gifts!

thistledew said...

June, how did you take something that was wonderful in it's first incarnation, and turn it into bam, bam, fabulous! I think you've been watching Emeril, you really kicked this one up a notch. Kelli must be thrilled with her seatbelt covers. They are fantastic. You've set the bar quite high with this project, I intend to try to reach that height. Now what we need is a flickr page where everyone can post their pictures of the wonderful things they've made using your tutorials. Hmm, blogging, it's not just a hobby it's a full time job.

Kristie said...

Those embroidered giraffes are beyond awesome, June. And the packaging...wonderful! I have been lucky to see the way you present gifts, and the gifts themselves, many times over the years, and you still blow me away every time.

a pink-bee said...

I love this idea- so neat!
Will be making some for sure. Thanks, Junie :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Junie Moon--I have finally found your blog!! lol I like the sleeves, what a good Christmas gift idea for sure. Great tutorial too.
Smiles, Karen

Mrs. Staggs said...

My parents are often complaining about their seat belts feeling uncomfortable. This is such a good idea. Thank you for sharing it.
We have a wonderful zoo here too. I don't think we get to feed the girraffes though. I did know about their tongues. Pretty interesting huh?

Funky Finds said...

oh the giraffes are fabulous!!!

atpanda said...

June, welcome to blogging!
I'm lucky to count Kel as one of my best friends and I can tell you that gift is just the most perfect. She'll adore it! It was very thoughtful of you.
Your work is amazing! I have not a crafty bone in my body (except in the kitchen), so I'm always amazed by people like you who have such talent.
Nice to meet you!

Taylor Design said...

Yay, our beloved Junie has joined the blog club. Junie those seatbelt covers to Kelli are amazing, I'm sure she loved them. I put you in my Google Reader toutes suites

Diane said...

Those seatbelt covers for Kelli are amazing!

TinkerBlue said...

Congratulations on your blog.

The giraffes are amazing. Great embroidery.

I need to make some car seatbelt sleeves for our airplane.

African Kelli said...

you are the sweetest ever!

Anne said...

Can you imagine that there is a real live giraffe living just down the street from me?!?!? The owner also has zebra. These animals are rented to the film studios when they need wildlife. I love being able to see the giraffe. Once it got out and went loping down the street. Men on horseback were after it with lassos - just like the wild wild west.

Rebecca Peyton said...

Would you recommend if you were embroidering a design on them, to do the embroidery first before sewing them together or embroider afterwards??