Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Loving Your Home

Karla’s Cottage is having a Romantic Country Party today to share what we all love about our homes. Quick jump over there and check out all the wonderful pictures she’s showing as well as amazingly inspiring comments. I’ll be here when you get back.

We Love Our Home

There are a lot of corners-of-my-home photos on many lovely blogs. But my house has weird corners, they’re kind of rounded and it’s a big open-style house. So, I’ve decide what needs to be done is to share my walls. You are slavering to see my walls, right? I thought so.

When my husband and I married, we decided to decorate our house with our own bits of homemade wall art. Our taste is eclectic to give it a kind description, but it works for us. This is our way of loving our home as well as honoring our love for each other.

We use a lot of my husband’s photographs. He was awarded a best-of-show blue ribbon in a photography competition for this one—yes, I admit I’m bragging; I haven’t any shame about it either.

This is a picture he took of the glorious golden Aspen leaves in the Santa Catalina Mountains while we were on a picnic. After uploading the picture to my computer, I printed it on Avery InkJet Textured Canvas purchased at the office supply store and framed it.

Just to show you that I do stuff, too, here is one of my little watercolors hanging in our bedroom. It won’t win any blue ribbons but I painted it myself and that gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

You can celebrate your own home with things that have meaning for you. Here are but a few resources to inspire you:

  • Bunny Wall : Precious wall art for her daughter’s bedroom and other delicious decorating ideas. She has gorgeous ideas.
  • Wall of Doll Quilts: Many of you have seen this amazing doll quilt wall, but it’s so glorious I have to recommend it for those who missed it.
  • Lara Berch Tutorials: She provides a whole section of creative tutorials with one focusing on wall art.
  • Make It Yourself Creations: Along with her glorious projects and outstanding photos, she has numerous ideas for creating your own works of art.
  • Make Your Own Wall Murals Murals: Cool murals you can make yourself.
  • Photofiddle : Create your own wall artwork online.
  • The Purl Bee : Beautiful Liberty of London Swatch Portraits that I’ve seen a number of bloggers fashion in wonderful ways.
  • Vintage Fabric Wall Art: Innovative presentation and includes instructions.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Thanks for attending our party!

African Kelli said...

What a beautiful, artsy home you have! I am not surprised.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful artwork! You should brag!! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Delightful art and home! Thank you for sharing!


Linda said...

Your art work is lovely. Thank you for sharing. Linda

rohanknitter said...

You are both so talented!
If your watercolor hasn't won a prize yet, it should!

Alice Regan said...

What a lovely, artsy home! Your work is beautiful and you should brag! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your lovely home.

Artifax said...

You and your husband create beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Lovely! I am a amature photographer too, but mostly black and white. They are all packed right now. *sigh*

Unknown said...

Your husband's photo is gorgeous, I would be bragging too! And your watercolor is beautiful... fits how I think of you, on the beach with flip flops!

Michelle said...

Not only do I love what you hava on your walls, thank you for the fun links! Just the sort of stuff I love!

Unknown said...

I just love your post all the descriptions! Sending you a hug! Because your blog ALWAYS makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is lovely and I always have such a nice time visiting with you :<)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Aww, JunieMoon--your little watercolor is my fav of the bunch!