Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Stitchery

Lest you think I’m lazy, here are some of the projects I’ve been working on.

Dancing Skeletons

I made some fun pillowcases for our bed (no room in my house is safe from Halloween). My husband chose this dancing skeleton fabric—he is such a good sport. The two felt pillows are some I recently bought on sale from the Smithsonian

Black Hat Society

This is “Black Hatter” by Sue Hillis Designs. I wanted to make this just because it’s fun. The chart came with a cute little candy corn button which I did not use. This chart (including the button) is on sale right now at this

Light Your Way

I love this one. It’s “Light Your Way” from a little booklet of projects entitled “Trix or Treat” by Blackbird Designs. Using only one color floss makes a neat effect, one of the reasons I also enjoy redwork. You can find it

Feeling Stitchy has some Halloween fun stitchery going on. Also, this past Saturday, she posted a great card stitching tutorial.


a pink-bee said...

Oh My Gosh ! You get more done than anyone I have ever known ! Such cute projects- love how you added them to the bedroom too:)
Have a Happy Day !

Lynn said...

"Lest you think I'm lazy"... June, no one would ever think that! I love the dancing skeletons too!

Gumbo Lily said...


I just love your Halloween things! Halloween just happens to be a favorite holiday at my house too. One year the kids begged me to make a fabric skeleton to hang up. I bought the fabric cut-out at Walmart and we hang it up every year. I made a scarecrow like this too....individual pieces for jointed arms, legs, head, etc. So fun!

I love the "Light your Way" stitchery too.


Mrs. Staggs said...

They are all wonderful projects June. I especially like the Blackbird design. I love their patterns. Their quilt designs are always so pretty and I love the overdyed floss that they use in their more colorful projects.
Thank you for the wonderful links.

Alice said...

Your craftiness really knows no bounds! This post really has me in the mood for Halloween :)

Carol said...

Lazy? You almost make me feel lazy! Great projects.

floresita said...

Wonderful! I love all your Halloween Stitchery! :)

Nin said...

those are adorable! I really can't wait for halloween to come

dottycookie said...

Good grief! If that's lazy, I'd hate to see busy!

I think Light Your Way is just fab. I could definitely see myself stitching it up!

Amy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment ;)...love you Halloween stitchery!

The Wooden Spool said...

Cute stitchery! Cute everything!!! Your swap partner will be thrilled!

Lilli said...

Fabulous stitchery! I love Blackbird Designs.......and I would never think you lazy :)


I love those pillows and your stitchery. Very festive.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi June, thank you for stopping by my blog ~ I love yours! Great projects and finishes here. :) If you will email me (rachelvendsel at yahoo dot com) I will send you some links to tutorials for the flat fold. It is a very simple finishing technique which is especially nice for seasonal things.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Haven't you been a busy girl.
Love those cushions and you made me laugh when you said no room in the house is safe. I believe it now. I just can't fathom how much Halloween is a big deal over there or is it just in your house?
No I've seen so many other blogs the same.
Good on your for celebrating so hard.
Look out Thanks Giving and Christmas.

Hannah said...

I love the pillows! They look amazing! And these stitchery posters! I believe you could easily feel the Halloween spirit there! I think you did a great job there! This Halloween we decorated beads of an Amber necklace as small pumpkins. And put them everywhere around the house. Our kids had to find them, therefore they would get presents. I have to say - it was really interesting and we had a lot of fun!