Monday, November 12, 2007

Hola, Mexico!

Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments you left for me yesterday. I cannot tell you how much it comforted my heart and I am grateful to you for your virtual hugs.

Today we are taking our visiting family members to Mexico for the day—which is only about an 1½ hour’s drive away from Tucson. The mission is to buy Mexican vanilla and find a hand-tooled leather guitar case for my daughter for Christmas. I’m trying to do all handmade gifts for Christmas but she really does need the guitar case and that particular project is not in my skill expertise.

This is a funny-odd sort of thought but I think it will be so meaningful to re-enter the U.S. through the border crossing on this day of remembrance of our veterans. A symbolic coming home kind of thing—certainly quite different than that experienced by those men and women returning from war. It will remind me of my blessings in being a U.S. citizen.

Can you see the metal star on one side of our garage door? My husband installed hooks for me on both sides of the garage years ago. Every season and holiday time, I have a different little display to put on both sides of the garage—and if you sit still long enough at my house, you’ll get decorated, too.

On our way back from Mexico, we are picking up the projects we made Saturday morning which had to “cure” until today. We’ll take pictures and then I’ll share what it was tomorrow. I think you’re going to love this—I certainly do.


Lena said...

Mexican vanilla is a real treat, and I collect hand tooled leather purses....can I come too?
I hope you are all having a wonderful time, Miz Junie Moon. Your home looks really lovely, so I know I'd come our looking lovely too!
Sweet liberty. We should never take it for granted, or those who have fought on it's behalf.

African Kelli said...

I hope you have such a wonderful, relaxing and fun time Junie!

Thimbleanna said...

Junie, I just love your stars by your garage door! You'll have to show us the other things you put there too -- what a great idea. I also LOVED your last post and read it with tears in my eyes too -- thanks so much for posting it!

Yummers! said...

Hi June,
'The pants' are on my site today.

I love your sharing that whoever sits long enough at your house gets decorated too. I giggled about that off and on this afternoon as I was shopping. I do love the stars on your garage! What else do you hang there?

Unknown said...

Got some from my mooma last year. They winter in Texas and Arizona and make at lieast a couple of trips to Mexico.

Unknown said...

June I have missed you like crazy! First off I want to thank you for the post about your father and fil. Has a veteren also it touched me to the core! I hope you read my comment on that post. Have fun in Mexico and yes I agree mexican vanilla is the best!