Sunday, December 16, 2007

Imitate Saint Nick

The countdown task today is to do something that inspires a Saint Nick-type good ol’ belly laugh to remind us of the joy of the season. Better Homes and Gardens suggests the following movies:
  • A Christmas Story

  • Olive, the Other Reindeer

  • The Santa Clause

  • Home Alone
While these would work, we’re opting for playing a board game tonight that I made some time back called Widdershins, a Celtic-style backgammon game.

This was posted on my Flickr account before my blogging days. I made the game board by transferring the pattern to a piece of wood and then used a wood-burning tool to make the design.

The game pieces are flat little glass stones and the dice came from a game store. A leather drawstring pouch holds the pieces and I created the instruction booklet on my computer.

Here’s the source

My family is big on board games. To go with today’s theme, I’ll share a very special Christmas gift for one of my children. Truly, no one in my family reads my blog so I can post anything I want without worry.

This is a full-sized cross-stitched Monopoly game that I started and my mother finished before she died. I had it professionally framed so you can easily play on it but hang it on the wall as art when not in use.

I bought the project leaflet in 1984 and started the project that same year but life intervened so Mom took over the rest of the project, doing 98 percent of it.

My siblings and I carefully collected together all of Dad and Mom’s wonderful handcrafted projects when they died. We are slowly gaining the emotional strength to do something with them. The Monopoly project is one of those.

An Internet search yielded the official history and rules which I printed and bound on my spiral-binding machine. I found Monopoly-themed fabric on eBay and made a simple drawstring bag.

The Monopoly cookie tin is another eBay find and holds everything except the board itself. On the back of the frame, I’ve attached the story of this gift’s creation.

My mom would love this!


Ali said...

Your Monopoly project is incredible June. And very touching in it's story as well.

calamitykim said...

oh, Junie,oh, sweetie. That is just lovely. I am glad you are able to deal with their lose somewhat better. It is so difficult. I know she would have loved this completion to the project so much. That really is an awesome thing! I have never done much cross-stitch because I prefer embroidery with its variety of stitching so I admire it when I see what others accomplish. And that Monopoly Board is stunning in its accomplishment! A wonderful family treasure. Happy holidays, dear Junie.

kim said...

What a wonderful story!

Yummers! said...

WOW!! That Monopoly board is one of the most beautiful pieces of handwork I have ever seen. I am so glad that you shared it. My husband is a crossword addict. I have to add that thought to my 2008 idea list. I could do something in applique... or whatever. Hmmmmmmm??

Oh I hope I get to have a belly (...and if I don't stop eating chocolates and cookies)laugh today. Boyd and I laugh all the time. We watched 'The Holiday' last night and laughed or smiled through the whole thing. If you havent seen it you must. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law... and many others. A 'feel good' movie!

We are big Packer fans (we live in Green Bay) and live and breathe through every game with them.

Must run and get a few things done before the game starts at noon. I'll knit through the game so at least I'll be still working on my Christmas to-Do List.

Don't your feet look 'purty' with a bow tied around them. If I did that with my size 10 & 1/2 feet everyone could have their belly laught for the day :)

iSew said...

What a beautiful gift and story June. I wish everything could be that meaningful. I just received an old light up Christmas tree decoration that sat next to my Grandpa's chair. I'll think of him every time I see it. That's what it's all about, right?

Oh yeah, and I'm so ready to watch A Christmas Story!

Jennifer said...

So glad you are the recipient of this beautiful keepsake.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, June a cross stitched monopoly game. What a wonderful family memento. Clarice

Miss Sassy said...

Is there nothing you can't do? I really enjoyed the story. I have a friend whose mother died and she and her sister are finishing their mother's projects as well as a tribute to her as well as working through their grief.

P.S. Packer fans here, too.

brsmaryland said...

Wow...that is really wonderful! I used to play Monopoly all the time. And I just read in the paper how they are making a version with a credit/debit card, instead of the paper money. How terrible!

Gumbo Lily said...

Junie, what an encouragement you are to me, and how wonderful to know that there are still loving, thoughtful, beautiful people like you in the world.
What a sweet, sweet gift.

Glad Tidings!

a pink-bee said...

What an sweet project. You are so talented and creative with the way you do everything. such a special treasure and memory:)
crystal xo