Monday, December 10, 2007

It’s a Candy Cane Day

Today’s healthy and happy Christmas countdown task is to “munch a candy” by enjoying a peppermint candy cane. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “peppermint oil in the cane acts as calming tonic for stress relief.” Just make sure the candy canes you buy contain real peppermint oil.

This post is full of pictures but I can’t leave out a single one—it just wouldn’t be right. So, I am munching on a candy cane to calm my heart twitters over the following wonderful things that have blessed me this weekend.

Making Friends

I am so amazed at how wonderful the blogging world (or Flickr if you don’t blog) has been for me. I’ve made fantastic friends and was able to meet the gorgeous Saucy from Bloggedy Blog Blog on Saturday. She greeted me with this huge bouquet of beautiful flowers and we had the best time discovering so many amazing things we have in common. She’s smart, clever, and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

Deck the Halls Ornament Swap

A package arrived from my Deck the Halls Swap partner Caleen this weekend. She has a wonderful blog Caleenraes’ Creative Journey. The swap was hosted by lovely Monica of the Home is Where Your Heart Is blog.

I am overwhelmed by Caleen’s generosity and the amazing creations she sent to me. Each and every one is a treasure. Nothing I say can possibly due the justice Caleen deserves and certainly warrants my eating a calming peppermint candy cane.

Thank you, Caleem!

Here are the ornaments I sent to Caleen. I admit I feel totally inadequate in comparison to her creations.

I made a cross-stitched snowflake ornament entitled Snowflake 2007 from Heritage Series. The magazine featuring this and other ornament designs is Just Crossstitch Christmas Ornaments Issue 2007.

Kreinik metallic was used along with Swavorski crystals instead of the suggested beads because I wanted this ornament to be extra special for Caleen. After sewing and stuffing, I added cording around the outside edge and gave it a little hanging loop.

The purchased ornament is also a snowflake design but much more rustic in style—I love that contrast. It’s made from stiff cardboard-type paper and coated with wood shavings and has a tiny spray of pine.


ghost said...

speaking of swaps, i received your cds on friday. mine is in the mail, on its way to you as we speak. thank you very much.

Jan said...

Looks like a beautiful day spent with a new friend.

Yummers! said...

What fun to meet a blog friend in person. Next time I'm in Phoenix we should try and connect for lunch in Tucson. What fun!

Your snowflake ornament is my favorite. It's so lovely with the added crystals. You are one talented lady, Junie Moon!

Our cat Gabby was lying on her back licking her paws. I looked again and realized she had a mini-candy cane between her paws. Of course my camera was not within reach. I didn'tnotice if she was calmer as she sleeps all the time anyway.
Hugs from the frozen tundra,

Scrappy Jessi said...

you got so many awesome things!!!
thanks for the b day wishes. it's been a great week!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love your crossstitched snowflake June, it's very pretty and a lot of time went into making it. All of the ornaments that you both exchanged are so pretty, and I love that wreath.
Sasha ia a very dear person,and so are you. Kindness is a quality that you both have in common and I appreciate all that you both have shown me.
I love your very special wooden orchestra in the post above.
Take care.-

a pink-bee said...

What wonderful ornaments!
So much fun to meet a blogger- oh I'm jealous -can't wait to meet you :)

Saucy said...

Oh, there we are at the world's finest food store! What a great day!!! Everyone would be shocked to find out how much we have in common, wouldn't they?

Dear June, thank you again for the beautiful handmade glass blown ornament. I've decided to hang it - permanently - in my hallway near the window to my garden, Veto hung it up carefully for me today. I love it. The green looks like an emerald!