Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jot a Note

Today’s healthy Christmas countdown task is to “Jot a Note to You” by writing a Christmas card to yourself with words of encouragement. The reason is that we forget ourselves during the holidays and need to remember to take time to care for our own needs.

I am taking some quiet time this morning to just sit and write about why I’m seeking a healthier and more meaningful Christmas.

Fun Christmas stamps celebrating knitting may be found at the U.S. Post Office.

Cookie Recipe Swap

To continue the writing theme, I’ve written out a couple of recipes to share for today’s cookie recipe swap at Scrappy Jessi’s blog.

My offering is glazed Pfeffernuesse—German Pepper Nut cookies.

See the napkin on the right in the picture? It’s one of a set of eight I found at a unique antique/consignment store in Fort Walton Beach over Thanksgiving (only $5 total!). I think the fabric is vintage barkcloth.

Here are the recipes I used.

Click on the pictures to show in larger form and then right-click to save to your hard drive for printing.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Good Morning June..... looks like I found the secret to how you get so much done.... you never sleep! I am back off to the sewing machine to finish a special order. Have the Best of Days.....Rosie

Jeanne said...

Love these! My Norwegian grandmother used to bake a Scandinavian version of these.

Lisa said...

You share the best recipes! And it's such a treat to be able to copy them off like this! You're a computer wizard, too, girl!

Pamela Jane said...

My family added these cookies to our favorites while we lived in Germany. You are so clever with your presentations -- I always enjoy visiting you.

Scrappy Jessi said...

im making these this year! yummy!
thanks for coming to my party!
jessi nagy

Inspired Tokens said...

I'm hungry...the cookies sound yummy. I love all the pictures you've posted...a more peaceful and thankful holiday indeed!

tamy said...

these look fantastic, my austrian stepmother makes these every year. I have always been a little intimidated, but this recipe looks like it should be easy....thanks for posting in such a lovely easy to copy format
happy holidays

a pink-bee said...

How sweet you are to share Advent with us :) Another must make cookie to add to my list. Thanks :)
Have a Happy Day :)

fromthepines said...

These are printed out so cool! Thanks for visiting me too!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh boy, do these ever sound good! Thanks once again for sharing your lovely recipe cards June.
I bought those stamps for my cards this year too!
I'm trying to keep the emphasis on creating sweet simple moments of happiness during this season. Not just for others, but for myself too. I love this time of year, but sometimes I try to do too much, or I get drawn into other people's grumpiness. I'm not going to let the humbug folks catch me this year!

Lori said...

mmmmm mmmmm those cookies sound SO good!!! thanks for sharing this great recipe!!!

Monica said...

OOh these sound very good! I lived in Germany for a few years and this takes me back to a cookie my neighbor used to make...
I was reading and SAW FORT WALTON thats where my family all lives and I was born and raised! I miss those beaches..lol!
Happy Holidays :)

Storybook Woods said...

Yumm, thank you xoxox Clarice
PS we like the same cards ;-)

La Tea Dah said...

Totally cool blogging, Junie! I love what you are doing for Advent!

:) LaTeaDah

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh Pepper Nuts!! I am of German heritage and my Gramma used to make all kinds of German Baked Goodies for us at Christmastime. I am going to try out your tried-and-true recipe since I don't have Gramma's.