Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Myrrh Will Do You

Better Homes and Gardens healthy Christmas countdown task today offers a wonderful holiday-related remedy for those who suffer with cold sores. Use the ancient herb myrrh.

Buy a small bottle of myrrh tincture (check your local health food store) and dab a bit of the liquid directly to your cold sore with a cotton swab. Apply 3 to 10 times a day until the cold sore disappears.

I looked up Myrrh at Wikipedia. “Myrrh was one of the gifts of the Magi to the infant Jesus according to Matthew 2:11. Mary would have used it to aide in postpartum healing.”

photo by Dub Scroggin

Apparently, myrrh is one of the most effective of all known disinfectants—something I didn’t know. Although I don’t have any cold sores, I do love the idea of using something that was available during Mary’s time.

Here is the embroidery project I worked on during my Christmas Crafting Party last Saturday. I wanted just a simple redwork tea towel that I could do while sharing stories with my friends.

photo by Dub Scroggin

The tree design is from a set of holiday patterns generously posted on the Turkey Feathers blog in 2005.


Miss Sassy said...

I love the scent of myrhh. Thanks for the additional information! Beautiful redwork.

Kristie said...

Your embroidery turned out great!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This might be one of the prettiest tea towels that I've seen. I love the simplicity of it, June. Vicki is so nice, and it's generous of her to share her patterns that way. I'm determined to do something with the "Goodnight" one.

rohanknitter said...

That's a lovely tea towel. Very interesting about the myrrh!

Lisa said...

I didn't know that about myrrh! Thank-you for the enrichment of mind ~ and eye ~ for the tea towel is just so simple and pretty. I love it! Inspires me to take up the embroidery needle when the busy season is over!

Robyn said...

Love all the interesting facts! That is wonderful to now...I will have to tell my british mum who gets such bad cold sores when she is in the sun too much! Poor thing...this really might help! And love your towel!

Stacey Sharp said...

All images are so pretty. In that "Dub Scroggin" image is awesome. I will be keep visiting your blog.

Stacey Sharp
Remedies Cold Sore