Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wander and Wonder

The demands placed on us during the holidays make it hard for us to find time for a healthy workout. I am working on improving my health so I’m paying attention to things like this.

Today Better Homes and Gardens suggests we combine a bit of exercise with getting a closer look at our neighborhood’s Christmas decorations. Walk instead of drive.

After lunch, we’re going for a walk to see how everyone’s decorations look in the daytime. I need to walk a lot lately with all the holiday foods tempting me.

photo by June Scroggin

In addition to the Yule Bread made yesterday, I also made a Meyer’s Lemon Cake for dessert last night to represent our returning sunshine—not so healthy but ever so yummy. So walking will ease my conscience a bit.

I forgot to show you my little thank-you gift for the hostess of the delectable Christmas Tea Party I recently attended. I love putting little gifts together.

photo by Dub Scroggin

A little bag of peppermint bark, a red/white teacup Christmas ornament, and a package of blank Victorian Christmas recipe cards were tucked into a small fabric-covered box along with my thank-you note.

photo by June Scroggin


Storybook Woods said...

Oh what a wonderful gift June, just lovely !!!! Clarice

a pink-bee said...

More fun , that cake looks yummy ! Have a Happy Sunday :)

Yummers! said...

A walk... so simple and relaxing and healthy... a walk! It's 22 degrees and we have 50 mph winds. Not good for a walk!! But very good for cuddling up by a roaring fire and watching the Packer-Bears game.

The cake looks wonderful!! Yummy!
Have a great Sunday,

Robyn said...

Just a lovely hostess gift! I bet she adored it! June did you get my email? I haven't heard from you. I have been having problems with my email...not really sure what the deal is but will send another out today! Merry Christmas dear blog friend!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm a walker so I must concur with your idea about getting out for a walk. Even a little walk can bring lots of refreshement and energy to your day.

LOVE the red & white gift box.