Thursday, January 24, 2008

Travel Shoe Bags

My shoe sachets are made and I’ve cleaned/polished each pair of shoes. Here are some of the vintage shoe trees I bought on eBay to help keep the shape of my dress shoes.

Now I’m making travel shoe bags using the free Poodles in Paris pattern (see Resources below). The bags will protect the shoes as well as clothes in my suitcase. The pockets are great for tucking in socks or hosiery.

The fabrics are leftover from other projects; I always worry about not having enough fabric for a project and end up buying too much. A cotton print is perfect for the main outside section and a complementary soft flannel works great for the lining, ribbon casing, and exterior pockets. There are two buttonholes (4 in all) on each side of the bag through which the ribbon is threaded.

Resources (Free)

  • Crocheted shoe tote bag pattern
  • Drawstring shoe bag tutorial at Thimble Arts and Crafts
  • Lingerie/utility/shoe bag projects tutorial at Sommer Designs
  • Poodles in Paris shoe/lingerie travel bag

Updated on Aug. 17, 2008: The Poodles in Paris free project is no longer offered. However, I've saved it in PDF format should you wish a copy. Just send me an email (see right-hand column).


see you there! said...

It there is ever a contest I'm going to vote for your closet as Closet of the Year. My closet is feeling very drab, shabby and dreary after all this.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I really think you should treat us to an overall picture when you are done. It's got to win the "Closet of the Year" award. I am a fan of Sommer Designs as well :-)

lila said...

My first visit to your lovely blog!(I came here from your comment on Pat's blog) Your closet redo is inpiring as are those shoe bags for travel!!! (I just came home from California and could have used those!!!) I sew so perhaps I can make some (great gifts too, I think!)
Gentlemen from the past...My alltime favorite is Gregory Peck!

Yummers! said...

Helloooooooo Tucson,
My Phoenix daughter JUST asked if I would make her some shoe bags for traveling. Now I have your BEAUTIFUL bags to look at for inspiration. I love the idea of flannel in the inside.
Thanks for 'readng my thoughts'!

rohanknitter said...

Lovely bags, June!

(I mailed my bandage the other day, priority, so hopefully you'll get it today!)

a pink-bee said...

So neat- much better than a plastic bag I usally use- will have to put these on my to make list :)
Thanks for the links to patterns. The garden post is up on my blog :)

Storybook Woods said...

June you must have the most charming closet !!!!! Clarice

Carol said...

I love that fabric!
Can I live in your closet?

Jan said...

What beautiful shoe bags. I never seem to think about them until I begin to pack for a trip, then it's too late. I was thinking about all of your closet projects this week and how wonderful they would be in a linen closet. Little lavender sachets tucked in between sets of sheets and bath towels would be heavenly.

Rosemary said...

You can write a book about closets now.
You get the best closet award.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I think these fabrics are so pretty, June. I tend to always buy extra fabric too. This is a great way to use it.

calamitykim said...

hahaha! I think Carol has the right idea!! Is there room in there for me too? Lovely stuff! You are simply one of the nicest and sweetest bloggers out there! Thank you so much for all your love and support.

iSew said...

Oh how I love your fabric choices! Great bag.

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh! I love the shoe bags Junie! I wish I had a couple as I'm going to Arizona for a few days with Hubs to visit friends. Good job!

Andie said...

This shoe obsessed one is LOVING this idea!

Penny Sanford Fikes said...

June, you are a constant delight! Our state DAR has been selling travel shoe bags as a fund-raiser, and they are so drab in comparison to your pretty ones! I'm going to make some like yours! Thanks for sharing your sewing talent AND fabric-mixing talent! Love the quilt in the background too!


sexy said...