Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Driving!

I began spring cleaning before I got sick and have been somewhat waylaid from my mission. My little projects lately are probably boring as heck to you but they are all I can handle right now. I do have some big things in the works but they’re slow going. All this coughing has left me with some torn ligaments and stuff in my chest that hurts like the devil. So bear with me as I do small endeavors that at least make me feel I’m being somewhat productive. I can’t stand being lazy.

My car is part of my spring cleaning tasks and I’m learning about things I can do to maintain it. Y’all probably figured a lot of this stuff out years ago but I’m slow to catch up. My car is a 10-year-old Honda CRV—nothing fancy, but it’s paid for and I want it to last a few more years.

I’m pretty good at getting the oil changed and keeping it relatively clean but some things were starting to look bad like the spare tire cover on the back that was falling apart. I checked with the dealer and found out a replacement would cost me both arms and one of my legs. A search of eBay netted me a brand new Honda tire cover that fits my spare—and at a much more reasonable cost. I so love eBay!

After my car wash and detailing adventure yesterday, I stopped by the Honda dealer and picked up a small bottle of touch-up paint. For $9, I fixed the scratches and dings that have developed over time. You use it just like nail polish (it has a little brush inside). I wish I’d known about this years ago…ah well.

The car wash folks used a horrid freshener in the car that had me coughing all the way home—like I needed any help from them. So I left the windows down last night and made myself a new bottle of “A Happy Place To Be” aromatherapy spray for my car.

I usually keep a bottle of this in the car for when I feel a bit of road rage coming on. I spray a bit and start singing “I’m a happy girl” so I won’t cuss too much or perform rude gestures for drivers who do idiotic things.

Here’s the recipe (found online years ago):

“A Happy Place To Be” Spray

Add to 2 ounces of purified water in spray bottle:

  • 20 drops of spearmint essential oil
  • 10 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil
Shake well and spray.

I also needed a new keychain so I made one last night using the easy tutorial at Creative Little

Spring cleaning on my car is now done and it is ready for adventures. My husband insists I keep a safety kit and a fleece blanket in the back, and he got me a road assistance membership through AARP (don’t laugh, but we’re that old!). In the event of an emergency, I’m organized.

Happy Driving!


Abbie said...

Good Morning!
What a great idea for the homemade spray! I always use hangy things that wear out in a day or two.. Isn't Ebay fabulous? the treasures abound!

Karla (Grace) said...

I have all of those oils on hand. Guess what I'm making today!? Thanks for the recipe! I make my own carpet deodorizer too - we experiment with different mixes. Right now our favorite is orange and peppermint together. Just add it to baking soda, sprinkle over carpet and leave for awhile before vacuuming.

a pink-bee said...

This is SO neat :) Will make lots of these for sure ! Where did you find the metal part for your key ring ? Love you license plate :)

Lynn said...

June, your car cleaning is fantastic! I love your coupon organizer too.. I really need to get working on it!

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

oh when your better can you come over & help me clean mine? LOL. ebays so great!

Pat said...

June, you NEVER bore us! All your projects are inspiring ones!

I have a confession. I have not bought one thing off E-bay in my entire life! I look and desire, but the whole "bidding" thing scares me a little and I never follow through. I don't have a PayPal account either. I guess I need to move into modern times!
We always keep our cars for at least ten years too! The NY climate, and the fact we have to park on the street, makes them age fast, but as long as they run, we keep them.

I love the ingredients in the air freshener you make. Bergamot is my favorite scent! Did you know it comes from Italy? It grows wild in the hills near my husband's home town in Calabria.

Take it easy and feel better soon!
Hugs, Pat

Piecake said...

Torn ligaments! And you still keep cleaning! Good for you, but I hope everything feels back to normal soon. Thanks for the link to the keychain tutorial.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I think the thing I like best about your blog is that you put so much careful thought into everything you do. I love it that you try to make as much as you can and make it beautiful while you do!! :-) Rosie

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Again I'm amazed your doing so much when you are still recovering.
Love your car (my favourite if someone gave me one) isn't eBay great for this type of thing.
Now for those number plates.
MRRMAID = Mr Maid (Your Husband) LOL or = Mermaid?

Rosemary said...

Take good care of yourself!!

Robyn said...

Great ideas! I love the car freshner! I am so doing that! Where did you get the end piece of your keyring...(silver part)? I would love to make some of those!

Storybook Woods said...

June, I love how you beautify and make every corner of your life lovely. Clarice

Heidi said...

Om, om on the range...