Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventure 2: Interstate Knitting and Knoxville

Online access on Friday was a non-event; this happens at least once every monsoon season and it’s that time of year here in Tucson.

Our second vacation adventure was Knoxville, Tennessee. Driving there from Nashville, we saw a large billboard on I-40 advertising The Yarn
Patch in Crossville. Now, how many times have you ever in your life seen a billboard for a yarn store on the interstate? Off we went to find this marvel.

I bought a Boku Cabled Scarf kit they’d just assembled, complete with two skeins of yarn, a little cable needle, and instructions. If you ever get down this way, visit these friendly folks. The Yarn Patch offers two free knitting patterns

Knitting needles embellished with bird nest/eggs found their way into my shopping basket.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

Here I am knitting later at the lake house in North Carolina. I bought the same kit and nest needles as a surprise gift for Donna (deep into her book at the moment).

The finished scarf; When wearing it, I’ll remember the gracious people of Tennessee and my lovely “slow” time rocking on the porch and knitting in the cool mountain air.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

In Knoxville we visited the University of Tennessee campus and World’s Fair Park, site of the 1982 World's Fair. At the latter, we enjoyed watching laughing children frolicking in the 72-jet interactive Court of Flags fountain on Festival Lawn. We loved the gorgeous view of the city from the 266-foot Sunsphere (tower in the photo).


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Thanks for sharing! looks like fun!!


Miss 376 said...

what beautiful colours in that scarf

nicolette said...

A road sign for a yarn shop? You can’t ignore that, can you?!

Love the colours of your scarf!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fun---I honestly don't think I've ever seen a billboard for a yarn shop, that is intriquing! I just love those knitting needles with the birds' nests, adorable. You look so comfy sitting on the porch, rocking and knitting your beautiful scarf.
Smiles, Karen

hunnybunny said...

Yarn Store sign on an interstate! I've never seen that, so jealous! The color way of you scarf is beautiful, and your cables are divine.

CathyJean said...

Hi! Junie ~
Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!!
Welcome back, we missed you!

Inspired Tokens said...

Looks like you are having a grand vacation. I'm so glad that you stopped at the yarn shop's a beautiful scarf. I'm off to their website to take a look. Keep having fun on the interstate and keep on knitting!

Rosemary said...

What a great time you are having.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! That was a fast knitting job. When I first started reading the post I was going to say I can't wait to see the finished scarf...and there it was. It's Beautiful!

Cat said...

It sounds like you had a very nice time. I too would have had to check out that yarn store - WOW - a billboard LOL.

I can't wait to see your musings of Gift From the Sea.


Robyn said...

WOW! Great post June! LOoks fab! Miss you lots! Come by and say hello soon!

Storybook Woods said...

What a beautiful yarn and scarf, aren’t you glad you stopped at the yarn patch. Clarice

African Kelli said...

Koigu is one of my favorite yarns. That scarf is so pretty. So glad you had such a nice time!