Thursday, August 21, 2008

Operation Christmas Stocking

You’re probably surprised I’m thinking about Christmas stockings in August, but that’s what I made yesterday. Eight stockings are being mailed off today as my contribution to Operation Christmas Stocking, a project I heard about via Alice’s House blog the other day.

This is an effort sponsored by Operation Care Package, a group of volunteers dedicated to making sure that no deployed Hero goes without mail. They need 10,000 simple stockings by October 30 in order to fill them and get them to the troops by Christmas.

Using the provided pattern (see Resources below), I made the stockings using homespun fabrics. Although not required, I lined them with muslin and added a cuff and hanging loop.

Stockings should be at least 14-inches tall and have a 7-inch opening in the top. They can be made out of material or felt and must be strong enough for filling.

Source: Graphic from Support Our Military; text added by me

The organization suggests adding a note addressed to “Any Hero”, so I made a tag to attach to each stocking simply saying thank you. I printed them on cardstock.

Source: Support Our Military

If you would like to participate, click on “Contact Us” at the very bottom of the Quilts for Cancer web site (listed below) to let Barb know your interest in helping.



a pink-bee said...

Off to get the pattern to get some made ~ thanks Junie :)

nicolette said...

Now who’s the one with a great heart?! You’re amazing!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, what a great project. I agree with Nicolette -- you're amazing!

African Kelli said...

Such a fantastic idea! I love this Junie. You are always thinking of others.

Pat said...

They are beautiful June! What a wonderful project. I'm sure a soldier will be so excited to receive a stocking.

Hugs, Pat

Alice said...

you over-achiever you! I've arranged for a full day here in late September to get others involved but I know none of us can equal your construction.

rohanknitter said...

This is so great - thanks for letting us know about it!

Storybook Woods said...

June, I love how you use your talents to bless others. xoxox Clarice

Anonymous said...

Your stockings look great! I see you even lined and cuffed them, which wasn't required. I love your tag on it. Mine aren't nearly so finished looking, but still cute. =)

I'm thinking the cards from the Xerox Let's Say Thanks site would be great notes if printed out, too.