Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tasha Tudor Day

Clarice is celebrating Tasha Tudor’s birthday today at the Storybook Woods blog.

I’m sure everyone participating will offer their own take on what this remarkable woman meant to them. For me, it was her way of drilling down to the essence of life and doing what sustained her spiritually, physically, and intellectually—exactly what I was talking about yesterday.

If having the courage and fortitude to live life in accordance with your own values brings such peace as Tasha Tudor seemed to cherish, then it bears my heeding the lesson. And although Mrs. Tudor is no longer with us, what she’s left behind is a shining symbol of true and simple grace.

Deliberate simplicity was Mrs. Tudor’s choice. Everything in her life had a useful purpose. This remarkable hard-working woman did not allow things to own her. I’m paying attention to that and trying to rid my own life of an embarrassing amount of clutter—in a lot of ways.

The excellent
video The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard explains how “stuff” takes over our lives and the world, too. Mrs. Tudor never let superfluous things control her life or that of her family. I love that about her.

Happy birthday, Tasha Tudor—you are missed in our world.


a pink-bee said...

Yes ~ Happy Birthday Tasha, she is missed . Such an inspiration in a lovely quiet way. I always loved her words ~Take Joy !
Have a Happy Day :)

Deb said...

Beautiful Tasha Tudor tribute. How wonderful that so many of us are remembering her on her birthday today :-)

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for your lovely Tasha Tudor entry.

And how true, Tasha never let *stuff* take over. I try. I really try. But there's always more *stuff* left here or there. Courage. :-) I so want to get rid of *stuff*!

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog

~Vicki said...

Lovely post, thanks for sharing it.

Please join me for tea and tarts in celebration and rememberance of Tasha today!

nicolette said...

Lovely to read. I’m glad you introduced Tasha to me!
I would love to let stuff not take over my life, still learning how though!

Homekeeping Heart said...

This has been such a nice idea! Very nice post!

Storybook Woods said...

"drilling down to the essence of life "

Oh I love this June and so true xoxox Clarice

Aim said...

This is so true! And I love what Tasha stood for, that whole down-to-earth lifestyle...wonderful post! Thanks :)

Pat said...

Happy birthday in heaven Tasha! I got an e-mail from her web site list and her family said they were having tea and cake and were going to do some felting and think about her.

The flim clip was interesting June! When I first began working as a nurse we had steel supplies for patients ( basins, bedpans, etc.) that we sterilized and reused. By the time I retired almost everyhting was plastic disposable one use item -- so much waste! It's good to think about how much we consume and use and to try to modify, reduce and recycle.

Hugs, Pat

jamie in rose cottage said...

Lovely post. Happy birthday, Tasha!

sexy said...