Monday, December 29, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

Entering contests has never really interested me and the old “someone has to win, it may as well be me” thought process never inspired my participation. I’ve changed my mind though (as any self-respecting Gemini would do).

I gave sweepstakes a go over Christmas week. Since I couldn’t sleep, some quiet activity was in order as visiting family slept snug in their beds. Playing around online in the middle of the night brought some sweepstakes fun.

Amazingly, it worked—although the ever-elusive pot of gold has yet to find its way to my house. I actually won a few small sweepstakes prizes—a gas gift card from Chevron and a year’s subscription to Good Housekeeping in Sears’ Search for the Golden Wish Ticket sweepstakes. Thank you to both companies!

You can find loads of sweepstakes opportunities and tips at Sandra's Contests Blog. Here are a few contests to get you started:

  • 24: Dossier Navigated by Garmin Sweepstakes (enter by Jan. 22)
  • HTC Fuze's Connect, Communicate, Cash In Sweepstakes (enter by Apr. 5)
  • Vogue’s Salvatore Ferragamo Shopping Spree (enter by Apr. 30)

I’ve entered these same sweepstakes. Am I worried about the competition? No, as we can’t predict the sponsor’s methodology for choosing the winning entry. It is what it is, and I’ll settle for the experience of imagining a possible win on my sleepless nights.

NOTE OF CAUTION: I set up a separate email account just for sweepstake entries to keep spam and all the additional notices out of my personal account.

Have you ever won a sweepstakes prize?


Sandra Grauschopf said...

Congratulations on your wins, those are some great first prizes. I hope many more will follow! And thank you for the link to my blog, as well!

Kristie said...

Never. But I have some Coke rewards codes for ya.

Storybook Woods said...

No I never win anything. Except blog give-aways. I seem to be lucky in that area. Clarice

shenry said...

I've never won such things. but it doesn't stop me from doing the on-line BestBuy survey every time I get a receipt. I will win that $5,000... some day.

Yummers! said...

Congrats on your luck!

Actually... I won a tukey at the grocery store one year and (drumroll) at an Adventure Travel Show in Chicago I won a trip for 2 to the island of St Kitts. It was a fun week! The man I was dating then (post divorce) won a trip for 2 of rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho for a week. It was fantastic! I haven't entered anything since.

Off to use my gift cards from Christmas.

cmmc97 said...

Grats Junie! Perhaps I shall try, now that I know there are actual winners. Were you concerned about giving out your personal information? I get so much junk mail, I'm afraid to sign up for anything that might put my address on lists!

Michelle said...

Congrats!! I love to enter sweepstakes, although I never think I'm going to win ( and usually don't, but it's fun anyway!) I did happen to win an AWESOME stroller from It was worth every entry I have ever submitted to a contest!! :)

sexy said...