Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Hogmanay!

Maybe tonight will be a wild time as you dance and toss down a drink or two or 30. Or maybe it will be a nice, quiet nod goodbye to the old as you yawn your way to midnight in effort to welcome the new year at home. Either way, here we are at a new milestone in time.

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We’re celebrating
Hogmanay tonight in our neighborhood--and I’ll be doing well if I can stay awake to the midnight hour. Assuming I manage to keep my eyes open, my First Footing offering is Scottish Black Bun just like last year. You can find my picture and the recipe link here.

May light, warmth and tonight’s festivities chase away mid-winter’s darkness and bring you joy!


Storybook Woods said...

Sounds like your in for some fun. Happy Hogmanay. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Oh June, you're back! I'm so glad I thought to "just give you a try" ... May you and yours enjoy all of life's very best of everything in the coming year and may your creative cup overfloweth.



Pat said...

Hi June -- I'm so thrilled to see you are back, my very first blogger friend! I've missed you and have often thought about you. I'm glad you had a nice break and are ready to blog again.

Enjoy your hogmanay tonight! Hope 2009 brings lots of joys your way!

Hugs, Pat