Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are Pantyhose Required?

Learning to play bridge is one of the task items on my 2009 list of goals. This morning I begin lessons with the Adobe Bridge Club.

What to wear, what to wear—the eternal female crisis.

I do not know any of the bridge club people and figure they’re probably pretty conservative, although I’m sure there isn’t actually a dress code involved in playing bridge.

How about jeans, t-shirt and my flip-flops? No, that won’t work.

A dress? Aarrgh! No way am I going to wear pantyhose; I’d rather go swimming in the nearest sewage pond before resorting to that misery.

A search through my closet gave me ideas and Polyvore enabled me to put pictures of my clothes together. Our weather is cooler this week, so I’ve selected my black wool slacks, gray cashmere turtleneck, red purse, black loafers, and a simple strand of pearls. This ought to be non-threatening to the ladies of the bridge club.

Bridge is making a comeback and becoming popular again in colleges—so it’s not just a game for the more mature population to which I’m a statistical member. Here’s a list of famous players (both real and imaginary).

If these folks can learn to play bridge, so can I—and do so wearing my pearls. Pretty conformist of me, don’t you think? Maybe I ought to take my temperature to ensure I’m not feverish or something.


cmmc97 said...

That picture is a scream! Such an audacious lady. Good luck with Bridge. My grandmother, whom I adored, adored bridge. She always envisioned me standing in for an absent partner as part of her club, but alas, it was just not to be. We always knew what to get as stocking stuffers for her though- she had the worst time finding those little bridge scoring card thingys, so whenever we found some (especially fancy ones!) we'd pick them up for her. You are so artistic, I bet you'll create some! (I predict an ETSY shop...)

rohanknitter said...

Have fun at the bridge club, I think your outfit looks perfect!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, you'll look stunning in your new bridge outfit. What a fun hobby to learn!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I've always wanted to learn to play bridge! Have fun JunieMoon--and you just wear your warm smile and no one will pay any attention to what you have on the rest of you!!
Smiles, Karen

Kristie said...

So? How did it go? Did you have fun?

Anonymous said...

Flip flops? Ugh. Why do women think everyone is hot to see their funky feet? Panythose may not be de rigeur for bridge, but most women could use the help silky nylon provides for their imperfect legs. Men like women in nylons. Don't be cheap, buy quality pantyhose that fit instead of the dollar store specials, then maybe they won't be so agonizing to wear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all the hate with wearing Pantyhose. I wear them everyday no matter what the weather is Hot or cold. Pantyhose have come a long way since the 60, 70, and even 80's they are much more comfortable to wear. I wear the higher end hose, and they don't run as easy, and are more comfortable today then in the 70's & 80's with the new fibers.
Think of hose as make-up for the legs. If you take a 10 - 30 minutes in the morning to makeup your face and do your hair, and pick an outfit, then why not take an extra 5 minutes to makeup your legs.
I know I get lots of compliments for men, and from some woman on how nice my legs look.
To prove my point I went to the local mall with my husband (who loves to see me and other lady in hose) and walked thru with skirt and bare legs, and not one person made a remark or gave me a second look. The next day we went back to the same mall, and this time I had Tan color silky hose on, and a skirt, (I wear shorts with hose as well) and my husband walked a few steps back, and men kept doing double takes my husband told me. On guy turned to get another look at me, and the girl he was with smacked him. When we went to the food court, 2 different guys came up and asked for my name and phone #. Now you tell me ladies, what was the reason for the 2 different reactions? ANSWER- Men like to see ladies made up, and they love to see hose on them. Most men are afraid to tell there girlfriends or wives about this. So I say find a brand of hose you like the feel and fit, and start showing your legs in hose. Hollywood is starting to wear hose again, and they are showing up on runways as well.
Donna From Philly

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hmmm, I'm having troubles posting on this comment, but I'll try again.

I knew that Bill Gates is a long time Bridge player, but I didn't know that about Ghandi. It surprises me for some reason.

You've chosen a lovely and classic ensemble June.

Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

June, what an absolutely delightful read!

Gumbo Lily said...

My mom loved to play Bridge and went to Bridge Club every week (when I was a girl). I wish Mom had taught me. Have fun!


Pat said...

Sadly I never mastered bridge or poker.

I bet you looked very nice in your pearls!

Anonymous said...

Goodluck on the sewage pond..bare legs with flip flops on dirty feet are lazy and on the way out, definitely not sexy!

Anonymous said...

JunieMoon! I have my first bridge lesson in two weeks and I am pondering the same thing. What to wear? Perth is very casual, but I refuse to show up at the Bridge club in jeans and a tee shirt! I haven't decided yet and it is hot, hot, hot here, so I may go with a khaki skirt and pretty top. NOOOOOO pantyhose for me either though. LOL! I like your choice. Very classic.