Friday, February 20, 2009

Blessings Friday: Wear Red Day

Although February 6 was National Wear Red Day in support of women with heart disease, I missed it. So, I’m wearing red today in honor of all those who suffer or die from heart disease. This horror runs rampant in my family and one of my sisters is having serious cardiac issues right now.

The symptoms of cardiac disease in women are sometimes overlooked. Often, the warning signs are dismissed as something else because women don't recognize them or are too busy to think they might indeed have a problem.

When my sister first experienced heart pain and other associated symptoms, the first cardiologist she consulted informed her that women don't have heart disease. A week later, she had to have emergency surgery to insert a stent in her heart (by a different cardiologist).

Source: American Heart

I ordered these pins for my sisters and I to wear as all three of us have mitral valve problems. The funds raised by the pins and other products at the web site directly support the Go Red For Women movement and the fight against heart disease.

Each and every day is a special blessing we don’t take for granted. We want to live.

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  • Go Red for Women
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  • Red About You, a new blog with inspiring survival and coping stories


Kristie said...

"the first cardiologist she consulted informed her that women don't have heart disease."

Oh my god! Will the arrogance and idiocy of doctors never cease? The crap that comes out of their mouths kills people every day, I'm certain of it. I have lost pretty much all faith in the medical establishment at this point.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks so much June! All of February is "Women's Heart Healthy" month so this is a timely post.

I'm sorry your sister got such bad advice and I'm happy she was able to get the treatment she needed with good results. I'm always surprised when I hear doctors in this day and age excuse women's health problems as "it's just menopause" or that it is "in our heads"! So many new studies have shown that women are just as susceptible to heart disease as men.
Diet, exercise, no smoking, stress reduction, taking statins if our cholesterol is high - these are all things women could do to help themselves.

I hope all continues to go well for your sister!

greetingarts said...

Women don't have heart disease? Arrrgh, that makes me so mad. Where did he go to medical school for cryin' out loud? I remember once I had a really bad case of food poisoning (like, the CDC called me!) and the doctor insisted on giving me a pregnancy test first and foremost because he insisted I might have morning sickness. Gee, I didn't know that gave you fevers of 105. Sheesh. I hope you and your sisters all continue being aware and healthy. I was wearing black today, but I'll change into red. I didn't know about Feb 6, either.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what kind of "cardiologist" is this person? Sounds like it needs retraining. At least it sounds like your sister has much better care now.

sexy said...