Thursday, February 26, 2009

Golf Towel Sewing Tutorial

Need a gift for a man? Something in pretty fabric a female golfer would like?

If you have a need, you can find a solution. That’s what I told myself when I decided my husband’s old, raggedy golf towel could no longer accompany him to the golf course. It’s embarrassing me too much. Something has to be done.

My brain went into action making decisions as to what would be useful. One side should be for cleaning (terrycloth or chenille) and the other side cotton or linen for wiping/drying. A corner pocket would be nice—you could stick in your club head or golf ball and give it a good scrub. A grommet in one corner would facilitate hanging on the golf bag for easy access.

Outside of the golf towel. © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved.

I decided to make two towels, one for my husband and one for my son, simple “I love you” gifts. They would also be great for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or other occasions. If you leave off the pocket detail, the towel would work for bowling, too.

Inside/pocket side of the golf towel. © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved.

In the design process, a tutorial emerged as written below. For a PDF version, click here or in my sidebar under Junie Moon’s Tutorials. Please do not use my tutorial to make any for commercial sale.

Junie Moon’s Golf Towel Sewing Tutorial


  • 1 piece of 100% cotton or linen fabric, cut 17”-wide by 19”-long
  • 1 piece of 100% cotton terrycloth or chenille fabric, cut 17”-wide by 19”-long
  • Thread to match
  • Dritz Grommet Kit, 7/16-inch (I chose brass)
  • Metal golf towel (or shower) hanger (again, I chose brass)

Step 1: Place your two fabric pieces right-sides together and sew ¼-inch around all 4 sides, leaving a 4-inch opening for turning.

Step 2: Turn right-side out and press.

Step 3: Slip-stitch the 4-inch opening closed.

Step 4: Top-stitch ¼-inch around all four sides.

Step 5: Place towel so shorter sides are at top and bottom. Find the center of your towel length and mark with straight pins. Fold over the right-hand corner to match the center. Pin in place.

Illustration of Step 5. © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved.

Step 6: From bottom of towel, sew up one side of the pocket, extending about ¼-inch into the terrycloth/chenille to keep from tearing during use. I also stitched across to the left into my chenille from my seam to secure it even further. Leave the other side (top) of the pocket open; otherwise, you won’t have a pocket. NOTE: If you wish to add your label, do so before sewing the pocket side as illustrated below.

Illustration of Step 6 incorporating label. © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved.

Step 7: Looking at the back of your towel (pocket side), you’re going to want to put your grommet in the top left corner. Follow the instructions on the grommet kit.

Step 8: Insert a hanging hook through the grommet and you’re done.

I hope you enjoy my easy tutorial. Now I’m working on a girlie golf towel for me.


Thimbleanna said...

Very nice June! Great timing with enough lead time to Father's Day.

Amy said...

AHHHH!A mans gift I can craft- who knew! They are so hard to find, and I have a golfing husband and father! THANKS THANKS THANKS

Amy said...

AHHHH!A mans gift I can craft- who knew! They are so hard to find, and I have a golfing husband and father! THANKS THANKS THANKS

kari and kijsa said...

Love this- what a great little and easy goodie!
kari & kijsa said...

Oh this is FABULOUS! I would love to photolink to this if you did't mind. For some reason I'm drawing a blank and can't remember if I've asked you this before!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That's a very useful towel for a golfer. My husband gets a lot of golf towels as give aways when he golfs for corporate events, but none have a cotton side or a corner pocket. You should patent this!

Anonymous said...

You are just as crafty as ever. I so miss reading your blog. I was reading back some posts and the link for the rolodex project isn't working.


Junie Moon said...


Thanks for letting me know about the faulty link. I've repaired and tested it, so all should be well now.

Sue said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. It's the perfect Xmas gift for my brother, whom I never know what to make for! Thank you!

Kimmie said...

I found this tutorial last week while searching for something to make for my dad for his birthday. The tutorial was great. The towels I made came out beautiful. Here is my project and link back to your blog tutorial.

Anissa said...

I just made SIX of these for a friend for Christmas. I did them in our football colors and painted the team logo on with a stencil. They look AMAZING! I'm so pleased with them and I know he will be too. Thanks for an awesome tute!

Anonymous said...

I am making these for our family golf tournament!! They are perfect!! Can't wait for everyone to see them. Thanks for the great tutorial

Sarah said...

This was so easy...because you explained it so well! Thanks for such a great tutorial; my dad's going to love it for Christmas--especially because I put his initials on my label!

Anonymous said...

My husband plays disc golf and is always fighting a battle when it comes to the towel he carries. Sometimes he needs the grit of a towel and then other times, a simple cloth. Problem solved!

Grateful for Grace said...

Thanks to you, I'm making 2 of these for my brother in law.

BUT what is the pocket part for??

If you see, this could you email me:

I'm not totally sure I understand.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the pocket either--anybody?

Junie Moon said...

We like the little corner pocket because it helps us clean our golf balls. That's why I included it in my design.

Unknown said...

I made these before using bought hand towels. I sewed a small square of "scotch- brite" on the towel bottom. Good for scrubbing muddy clubs.

Andi Faith S said...

Love this! I have a new embroidery machine and was requested to make some golf towels. Thanks so much!

Sareena said...

These golf towels looks so soft and durable. I Love it. I also like Embroidered Golf Towels.

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