Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craft:Along 2009: April Pantry Organizing

Kelli and Finny's April Craft:Along Project gave us three options:

  1. Pantry Organization
  2. Sew Best Bunnies
  3. Make Felt Pouches

  4. My choice is to simply clean and reorganize my pantry, although I don’t have a pantry per se, just cabinets. While there are great ideas about using chalk paint and so on, I really just want a clean and organized pantry.

    © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

    Over time, it’s easy for things to get shoved in the pantry and soon you’ve no clue as to what you actually have. I took everything out, gave the cabinet a good scrub, and checked each product for its expiration date and dealt with it accordingly.

    © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

    I used rolls of non-slip liner to line the cabinets after scrubbing them. It was a simple process of measuring and cutting out the pieces to fit. I like this solution better than contact paper because I can take out the liners and wash them in the sink when needed.

    TIP: Rubber drawer lining can also be used for sewing machine mat backing, slippers, children’s footed-pajamas, and so on.

    © June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

    Here’s my newly-organized “pantry” cabinet. The storage jars are some I already had, purchased from Martha Stewart’s online store years ago. They fit on one of my shelves perfectly.


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    Thimbleanna said...

    It looks great June. I love those MS jars. I need to do a good pantry clean out too!

    MaddyLane Designs said...

    Wow, love the before and after, gret post, so fun and inspiring. Cupbaords are not always to most fun thing to organize, you make it look simple. Thank you ;)

    Storybook Woods said...

    Looks wonderful, isn't it nicer to cook when everything is in it place. Clarice

    Colleen said...

    Your cabinet looks so great. I love the green lids on your jars. Doesn't it feel great to open the cabinet now?

    FinnyKnits said...

    That looks great! I love the jars. And how neatly the top shelf is lined up - can you keep it that way? I would tell myself I would, but things have a way of never looking that good again at my house ;)

    I have a vision for my cabinet, but not sure if it'll happen by the end of the month. We'll see!

    shenry said...

    My pantry, cupboards, and 'fridge are atrocious. They need some cleaning and reorganizing. Thanks for the tips.

    Cmmc97 said...

    Oh my gosh Junie, I love to read about how you organize your home with handmade panache. Such an inspiration! Happy Spring =)