Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signature Quilt Blocks

In January, I signed up to participate in Cootie Bug 2's 2009 International Siggy Swap. Having never even seen a signature quilt, I wasn’t sure about undertaking this venture but Thimbleanna was encouraging. You ought to see the adorable thimble she embroidered as part of her signature design—it’s amazing.

Embroidering 60 signature blocks was way out of my physical ability, so I opted to sign each piece using a Y&C FabricMate fabric pen recommended by as one of the best pens for signature quilts. The ink doesn’t bleed and becomes permanent and doesn’t fade in the laundry like the Pigma pens. The color I used was the perfect shade to match the fabrics which made me happy.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved. My husband insisted I smudge my signature via photo editing—apparently there are signature thieves running amok in the world.

The fabrics for the corner pieces are from April Cornell’s collection. The middle signature fabric is a very pale peach made by Timeless Treasures.

We all used the same pattern kindly provided by a lovely German quilter, Bea of Capricorn Quilts. According to America’s Quilting History (see Resources below), quilts using the same block design for each person is called a friendship quilt. One using different blocks based on individual choice is called a sampler album quilt. Either way, signature quilts are messages of caring.

What fun it’s going to be exploring each of the 60 “friend” blocks I’ll receive in return and then making them into a finished quilt. Caring for each other through textiles and our individual skills—don’t you just love that?


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  • America's Quilting History: Friendship Quilts: Precious Remembrance
  • Album & Signature Quilt History, 1830-Today
  • International Quilt Study Center & Museum
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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh Yummy Junie Moon! I love the colors you've used -- I can't wait to get mine!

Julie Bouésso said...

I love all the tutorials, hints & tips that you post. I have to visit again to read it all. Cheers, Julie

Storybook Woods said...

Beautiful June, I love the fabrics. Clarice

nicolette said...

Great colours and fabrics!

shenry said...

I get it. It's like a cd swap only you're swapping quilt pieces. Then when you receive the other 59 squares, you put the whole thing together. Am I understanding this correctly?

Connie W said...

Your fabrics are just gorgeous, everyone is going to love their block from you. :D

April Cornell said...

I really like seeing what you have done with the fabric from the line with Moda. I am always looking for feedback as I design for the new season and would love to hear any inspirations or input. Lovely work!

April Cornell said...

I really enjoy seeing what you have created with the fabric. It's an inspiration to see how you take it and produce such artistic work. I'd love to hear your thoughts for future seasons.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Those are very pretty colors that you picked for your blocks June, and I can foresee that the finished quilt will be gorgeous!

I agree with your husband about blurring your full signature here on the internet..we all have to be careful these days about identity theft!

Robyn said...

I do love the colors and I so agree with hubby on the smearing the signature! You never know...right?! Also popped in to invite you to join in my birthday give-away!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi June,
Thank you for your sweet comment.

Your signiture block swap will be so much fun! Love the fabrics you've used in yours.
The prints and colors of the April Cornell fabrics are so pretty.

Kimberly :)

albertaphotography said...

I certainly do love that June. Last year when I participated in the photo swaps, it was such a delight receiving a reciprocal photo (trouble is, most of the people who were my partner never did send me anything). The crafting community is a very generous and sharing sort ... I think it's in the genes!