Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hiking Around

There are certain times of the year I have difficulty dealing with emotionally—since 2004, the interim of Aug. 1 and 9 is a bad one for me. So I try to find something positive and constructive to do at this time.

Right now I’m working on getting healthier so I’ve been walking a lot. This has led to an interest in hiking, and I’ve been trying out a new trail every other day. Today it’s the Mica View Trail at Saguaro National Park East, a relatively short trail but I’m working up to more strenuous hikes.

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My husband took me shopping for new hiking boots on Tuesday as he said my sneakers aren’t good for Arizona’s trail challenges: rocks, cacti, flash floods, and rattlesnakes (we call them buzz worms). I can also use the boots to practice ninja moves for warding off hungry mountain lions should they decide I look tasty. I’m sure I’m not tasty at all, silly animals.

I checked the Letterboxing North America site last night and found there’s a webbox to be found on the very trail I’ll be following this morning. You cannot plant an actual letterbox in a national park, hence a webbox. You follow the clues, make note of certain information, and then log it into the applicable web link indicated by the person who created the box.

It’s a beautiful morning in Tucson and I get to be outside—blessings that ease my heart somewhat. I have to leave now as I’m picking up a neighbor who is joining me on my hiking adventure.


Thimbleanna said...

How wonderful to be out hiking on a beautiful morning. You are so awesome at getting the most out of life Junie Moon!

Heidi said...

Yay June--you go, girl!

Amanda said...

Have you ever tried geocaching? With the trails and all around you, I bet there are a ton to be found! Of course, it requires a small GPS unit, but my little boy and I love it. Actually, my whole family enjoys it, and we have found some very interesting little spots because of it. My favorite, still, is a small little unused well with a nymph shrine and poem from the 1920s.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Inspiring and lovely way to deal with hard times and challenging memories. Hugs to you and your ability to still appreciate the good and the beautiful in the world. And there's nothing wrong with a new pair of boots and a couple of Ninja kicks, too!

greetingarts said...

I'm so sorry things are heavy for you this time of year. The shoes look super, though, and I hope you had a wonderful time... and didn't melt!

Anonymous said...

June - you lead a most interesting life! I love reading about your adventures. Maybe I'll get inspired to go out and hit some trails too!


Diane Schuller said...

Though I don't know what memory weighs heavy on your heart at this time, I wish to let you know I can understand those times because of my own such memories. May your hikes and the beauty & solitude you find on them ease your emotions.

I love your hiking boots -- Hubs was right about using the correct footwear. It's a shame, I haven't had opportunity to use my hiking boots in several years -- seems like such a waste when I once used to use them so often.

I admire how you look to positive endeavours.

Storybook Woods said...

I think hiking, getting out in God creation, is a wonderful way to get through tough times xoxox Clarice