Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gifts for Cruise Friends

Along with special old friends sailing with us, I have new friends from the Cruise Critic forum for our particular cruise. Over the past year we’ve shared tips, information, and plans for every little detail about our impending adventure.

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I know the names and cabin numbers of those celebrating special occasions or even embarking on a first-time cruise. One couple is traveling during their deceased son’s birthday to try to put some joy back in their lives—which just breaks my heart. So I thought it would be nice to slip an applicable greeting card under everyone’s cabin door once I board the ship. My cards are ready and organized by deck and cabin number.

Our Cruise Critic group is quite large (76 members). Royal Caribbean has arranged a meeting room for us along with refreshments, snacks, photographer, and door prizes for our Meet & Mingle party. After a year of online friendship, it’s going to be wonderful meeting everyone in person.

Source: Royal Caribbean

This is our cabin on the Adventure of the Seas; we opted for an aft corner balcony which is huge. Following the Meet & Mingle party, a number of us are going on a Cabin Crawl, an event where you get to visit other people’s cabins to get an idea about varying cabin sizes and layouts which helps for future travel planning. I’m one of the hosts.

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Some hosts plan to offer drinks and others snacks. Simple tissue holders packed with tissues will be my offering. I sewed a pile of them for our visitors using nautical blues as my color scheme.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Here they are packaged and ready for gifting along with little bags of Life Saver mints. The shell tags are actually cardboard coasters on which I’ve written a note on the back and punched a hole for the ribbon. The coasters were on clearance at Target along with the little candy bags.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

It really is an act of trust to open up your private space to virtual strangers, especially when on a well-deserved vacation. Since I have the list of hosts, my husband and I have thank-you notes ready to quietly leave on cabin tables as we exit to let each host know we appreciate their gracious hospitality. The cards are organized in the order in which we’ll tour.

You think I’m done with my cruise preparations? Nope, I’m not, still more to come.


Lorrie said...

Your thoughtfulness for others always amazes me. I love that card with the three jars filled with sand and beach treasures. Is that a photo you took?

Looking forward to seeing what else you're preparing for the cruise.


rohanknitter said...

June, you think of everything!! So many thoughtful touches, and how great that you'll be meeting some new online friends on your cruise!!

Diane Schuller said...

oh my goodness June! Not only are you one of the most organized people, but so thoughtful and uber creative. You are really amazing in so many ways. This is going to be a wonderful trip I'm sure -- for you and the others.

kim said...

You make such neat stuff! Book, book!! Write a book!

What wonderful and cherished items to have on hand to gift out on your cruise.

I really look forward to pictures!

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Thimbleanna said...

What a fun idea! You're always so very thoughtful. You and Dub are going to have a wonderful time!!! said...

Wow, I love how much thought, care and creativity you put into everything. This is wonderful!

Bridgett said...

You are so thoughtful and crafty and just...wonderful!


shannon said...

Wow, what a sweet gift. Very thoughtful of you.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

JUne you really think of every last detail, I think you should become a professional event planner! Your cabin looks spectacular! I'm so looking forward to gearing all about your cruise!

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