Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pink Glove Dance

Source: Allegro Medical Supplies Inc.

Medline and the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, OR put together this awesome Pink Glove Dance video to promote breast cancer awareness. I love the positive approach to a serious issue.

Inspired by the hospital’s Pink Glove Dance, 17,200 people in Chicago last December participated in a concert/dance with Jay Sean. You can read more about this here as well as view that video.

Source: Medline Industries, Inc.

Besides raising awareness about breast cancer, an impressive aspect of the hospital video are the actual hospital workers, no matter what job position is held. These are real people, not actors or professional dancers. The same people who probably diagnosed a woman with breast cancer earlier in the day or gently closed the eyes of someone who lost their cancer battle. It humanizes an otherwise amorphous medical framework in which breast cancer victims find themselves during their fight to survive.
Breast cancer touches all our lives—it’s a real issue about real people just like you and me. So put on your pink gloves, turn on the music, and dance through your day.


Thimbleanna said...

JUNE!!! What an awesome post! Thanks so much for bringing a big smile to my day - I LOVE that video. I HAD to run out (ha) and order a box of those pink gloves -- I have no idea what for -- I was overcome by the moment. And such a deal -- they're on sale PLUS there's a 20% discount -- the darn postage was almost more than the gloves. I was SO tempted to order a whole case LOL. Wouldn't they make fun gifts for all your girlfriends??? THANK YOU -- what fun!

Lena said...

Hi June,

I too thank you for this post. My mom died at the age of almost 62 of breast cancer. We've recently experienced my step-mom's battle, and my mom's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my mom's great-grandma passed away from it. I appreciate all the efforts, big and small on behalf of finding a cure.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately it does touch all of our lives. It is a very worthy charity to support.

Lorrie said...

I'm smiling wide as I type. What a great promotion of a cause that does indeed touch too many lives.

Jane said...

What a fun video! I bet that is a terrific hospital. With such a fun and energetic staff you can not go wrong. Thanks for sharing this.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I had this on my blog awhile ago for "Pink Saturday" :-) It made me smile then and make me smile again. It was made for a wonderful cause!