Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crafting with the iPad

You know how a lot of men are into techie toys? At our house, it’s me. My birthday gift from my husband this year was Apple’s iPad.

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I’ll be making a cover for it very soon. In the meantime, I’m learning what my new iPad can do for me and what useful applications (apps) are available. The latter are emerging like fecund rabbits on super-potent fertility drugs.

For me, the iPad is a useful tool in any number of ways. I can watch YouTube videos teaching me how to do most anything in the world I want to try. Also, instead of printing tutorials, I can follow them step-by-step right on my iPad (you can do the same with your laptop, but I replaced mine with a desktop this time around which makes it not very portable).

There are a myriad number of applications available for the iPad, here are but just a few.

Crafty iPad Apps

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Digital scrapbooking, photography, knitting, and so on are easily accessed.

Cooking iPad Apps

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Trying new recipes is a craft on its own. Propping my iPad on a cookbook stand makes it easy for me to follow a recipe.

Other Apps

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Just living is a craft activity, don’t you think? We need apps for that, too. And books rank up there as a major priority for my life.

Techie toys are the best—I love them. Now I’m wondering whether buying stock in companies that make batteries for all these things is a good investment.


Jill said...

I haven't got an iPhone (yet), but I've heard great things about it and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with yours.

If you like books, I'd heard there was also an app called iBookshelf, which catalogues all your books for you.

Thimbleanna said...

That's so cool June -- do you love it? I think I'd like one just for the recipes!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Very cool, June! One of my nephew's friends is a comic book illustrator and he bought the I Pad the day it was released. He's made some amazing artwork on it already.
I enjoyed playing around with it when he showed it to us. It definitely is the tool of the future!

Cat said...

Oh I am so jealous. I keep hinting, but I think when I get back from Knitter's Connection the end of June I'll have to take a trip to the Apple store ;-)

P.S. thanks so much for your blog. I love all you don and your links and tutorials are awesome.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGoodness...those are so cool!! JunieMoon...I think this is the perfect gift for you and I can see you really enjoying it! Maybe once we get all these graduations out of the way, I can start putting my pennies aside for one of those.....!
Smiles, Karen

Storybook Woods said...

I do not have an IPad but cool to know all these ideas and links. Thanks xoxo Clarice

Jean said...

I've been thinking about an Ipad. I have a Kindle, as you do, and wonder which you prefer reading on?