Friday, June 4, 2010

Then and Now

Today’s Then and Now theme is a result of some online (and offline) conversations a few of my friends have been having. We were discussing the changes in ourselves over the years. Kristie organized a day where we’d post a picture from the past (the parameter being 18 to 22) and then one now (within the last 6 months). Today is the day.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved (scanned from my college freshman yearbook)

So here I am at age 18. During high school, I was terribly shy. If a teacher called on me in class, I’d panic and literally start choking. Determined to overcome my shyness, I tried out and became a cheerleader during my senior year. It was so much fun I also joined the cheerleading squad in college. This picture was taken my freshman year of college in 1970 (I’m in the middle on the bottom).

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved (taken by my friend Dee using my camera)

I avoid the camera religiously as I hate to have my picture taken. So this Christmas photo will have to work for the “Now” portion of the challenge. I attended a holiday luncheon where everyone brought a copy of the One Yard Wonders book and insisted I autograph the section in which my projects were featured. They had me pose individually with each person; in this case, it’s with my friend Paula.

I’m now 58 and the changes over the years have never been more evident than those I’m experiencing lately. I cannot do my cheerleading jumps anymore, my tiny little self has now morphed into more “generous” proportions, and my hair is short and gray. But what I’m noticing are only the physical differences.

Inside I’m still me—wacky, impetuous, and willing to try most anything (except bungee cord jumping), my heart continues to love easily, sharing is still part of my nature, and I continue to thrive by living a creative life.

It’s the essence of me I hope serves as my legacy when my end-time comes, not how I look.


Kristie said...

I think you look beautiful in both pictures, June. And there is no question that who you are, your soul, is one of the most beautiful I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know you had your reservations about this, but you are brave to have gone ahead.

I love you!

Jill said...

Hi June - how lovely to see a photo of you.

I'm usually the one taking the photos, so I don't appear infront of the camera very often either. Now I've had Violet though, I feel there should be more photos of me (and us together) for her to look at when I'm gone. That might sound daft, but after I lost my mum, I realised that there were hardly any photos of her, or us and I found it quite upsetting.

Even though we live thousands of miles apart, I know we'd be great friends - your generosity and kindness show through even in your blogpost and the emails you send.

Have a lovely weekend Junie Moon.

Michaela said...

Jill said pretty much the same thing I was thinking about myself lately. I'm pregnant with my 3rd son and I've been looking through baby photos of my first two. There are so few with me in them, I avoided the camera like the plague because I thought I looked awful. It's really sad that I'm missing in so many of the shots.

I wish I could have let that go sooner. I'm making more of an effort to be in front of the camera now.

You're lovely and I hope you'll do the same.

Storybook Woods said...

Hey gorgeous, how fun to see you in high school. Thank you for sharing with us xoxox Clarice

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun post! Isn't it so odd how we can be so different on the outside, yet feel the same on the inside? I love both of your photos -- you're adorable!

That one girl said...

Oh man, I could totally tell which one was you! I love that we age but still look the same!

And, don't shy away from those cheerleading jumps. I tried them last year after a few beers. Wow.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

June, I can't think of anyone our age who isn't a little greyer and more generously proportioned, but the one thing that has remained the same in both photos is your sweet smile! I am glad to know you these few years of blogging! You have become a good friend. ♥

Yummers! said...

Both photos are really cute shots of you! However I would never have picked you out as the middle of the bottom row. Look at all that hair!! I'm shy about having pics taken. Maybe if I get thinner! My vegetarian diet as resulted in a 23 lb. loss.

I need to get a hold of that book and check out your projects!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, as I've always known, dear June, your essence is indeed beautiful. I think you're quite lovely on the outside too. It seems you are always smiling.