Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sajou Le Petite Monstre

My embroidery scissors proved too convenient to stash in my knitting accessory bag. When working on a hand-embroidery project, I’d have to dig out the knitting project de jour to find my scissors which meant I then forgot to put them back in the knitting bag. That was frequently inconvenient at Sit-and-Stitch Night downtown when my scissors were missing.

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
I decided to get a pair of scissors to devote to just my embroidery and opted for Sajou’s Le Petite Monstre (Little Monster). At the time I wanted to buy them, they were out of stock at most shops in the U.S., so off to France I went—a virtual online shopping adventure to Sajou itself.

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
The scissors are only 4.8 cm. While the blades are very short, the handles are large enough to fit over your fingers. They are perfect for embroidery.

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
When ordering the Little Monster, I also ordered a scissors sheath to fit. It came with an embroidery chart for personalizing the case. Suitably personalized, my embroidery kit is complete. Thank you, Sajou!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Darling scissors and darling you back again. Glad things are on the upswing with you and you are all finding your place again. As long as part of you is here with all of us, we're happy and happy for you! Hugs to you Junie... Full Moon out tonight!

Jenny Lee Fowler said...

I've been scouring for a real review of these! How do they cut?