Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring into Creativity

My last post began, “Summer has begun for me”. Considering it’s almost two years since that post, this one ought to begin “Spring has begun for me”—how lovely that Spring represents new beginnings. For anyone still occasionally visiting my blog, I’ll share my current adventures—but not all at once as I’ve been a very, very busy girl. Today I’ll start with a couple of projects I’ve done recently.

© 2012 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Last fall, I joined the Silver Threads Quilt Guild—a wonderful move on my part as I’ve learned a lot already. As with most quilt guilds, you are generally tasked to make your own name tag. Since I was tasked to create a blog for the guild, I opted to use our blog theme to make my tag. It was essentially a simple job to print on fabric but not as easy in this format to read the guild’s name as it is on the blog itself—lesson learned.

© 2012 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

The back is simply a piece of fleece as interfacing with lined with another piece of fabric. I attached a pin-back found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. And there we are—if I ever forget my own name, I can just wear my little homemade name tag.

© 2013 Dub Scroggin, All Rights Reserved 

At the recent Florida Emerald Coast Quilt Retreat & Show, I signed up for a class called “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” which was taught by Ellen Lindner of Adventurer Quilter. We were tasked to bring in one of our personal photos and create a small art piece—I chose one of my husband’s butterfly photographs. Don’t you think this is a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of Spring?

© 2012 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Here is my interpretation of my husband’s photo. I’ve given my art quilt the title “Dub Honey’s Butterfly”. This link takes you to Ellen’s blog and story behind my effort.



Kim Covell-Campbell said...

What a great surprise!!! So good to see your post! I have missed you. :)

Lorrie said...

What a surprise to see your post pop up in my reader! Welcome back.

Jill said...

How wonderful to have you back in the world of blogland again. I've missed you Junie Moon.
Your interpretation of your hubby's photo is stunning - you are such a talented lady.
Welcome back.
Jill x

Michelle said...

Looked! You're back! How wonderful. Looking forward to whatever you have coming up. :0)

Carol said...

Fun surprise to see your post in Google Reader! Have missed your posts and had checked a time to two just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Looking forward to reading posts and following your creativity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad to see you in my reader. I hope all is well and you are happy! Sarah

Ashley said...

Glad to see you back! ;)

pbrenner said...

So delighted to see you back! I hope all is well, and look forward to your posts. Happy Easter!


meg said...

June!! What a happy surprise to find you blogging again. You have been missed. :)