Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

Sewing up a storm—that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Along with a number of sewing projects and despite my thinking, “Oh no, I cannot face another Weekender Bag sewing project,” I seem to find myself making more.

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A couple of months ago, I was asked by Lynn’s Sewing Center to teach a class in making these bags. I designed a 2-day workshop and everyone actually completed their Weekender. It was so much fun seeing all the different fabrics used and watching everyone’s bag come together. 

Along with another class (for which I’ll share later) I will be teaching in May, I’ve been asked to teach the Weekender again the same month. If you’re in the Fort Walton Beach area and want to join the fun, give the shop a call at 850-864-4555.


Jill said...

How pretty :0)
I wish someone would teach me step by step how to make one of these lovely weekender bags. I don't suppose you'd do a blog tutorial/weekender bag along type thing. Though I suppose that would take up too much of your time.
I'm sure all your weekender bag students have been proudly showing theirs off. What a sewing achievement to be able to complete one in just a couple of days. No doubt it was your expert tutelage.
Wishing you all the very best.
Jill xx

Lorrie said...

What a great bag. I've seen them all over the blogosphere and think it might be time to tackle one for myself.
You would be a great teacher for the class. Glad your students were able to finish.

Louie1959 said...

Cute bag !!!

meg said...

Oh how I wish I were in the Ft Walton area! I have one of these on my to-do list...still...and would love a little hand-holding while I attempt it. Beautiful bag, by the way!