Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Sand Dollar Knitting

Summer is coming and I’m getting ready for it. Here’s one of my summer-readiness projects.

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I made a complete set of washcloths from a pattern found on Ravelry. It’s the Keyhole Sand Dollar pattern by Maryann Walsh and is a free Ravelry download. I took a couple of my finished cloths down to the beach to photograph as any excuse to be at the beach makes me happy.

Although I mean for these to be used in our bathroom at home, I generally take a washcloth to the beach with me in a baggie with some ice cubes. The ice cubes melt pretty quickly which leaves me with a refreshingly-cool wet cloth to wipe my face. I do the same thing on the golf course in the summer.


larrouxgirl said...

Those are stunning. I'm sitting here trying to think of how they could be incorporated into something to wear. Given time, I'll think of it, and I'll share when I do. Your blog is fun.

Jill said...

They're so cute. I hear lots of people talk about knitting their own washcloths and dishcloth, but I've never tried it myself. Perhaps I should give them a go. This Starfish pattern is lovely.
Jill x

Lorrie said...

These are so great. Wouldn't they be a wonderful addition to a beachy-themed spa basket? Or my own bathroom? Yes, I'll be looking for this pattern. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would buy these in a heartbeat. So awesome.

Michele Bilyeu said...

These are just fabulous!