Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Moon for Junie Moon

Since the inception of my blog, I’ve used the header depicting a glass art piece made by my wonderful sister Connie. Deciding the glass moon definitely has a personality, we named her Junie Moon and she served perfectly for my blog header.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
I absolutely loved my Junie Moon and was horrified when I broke her moving from Arizona to Florida.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
Connie made me a new Junie Moon for Christmas—don’t you just love her beautiful lips? Notice her mouth is slightly open? That’s because she always has something to say—so me! The new Junie Moon is going to hang on the wall in my sewing/craft/office and hopefully I never have to move again and risk breaking her.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
Look at those eyelashes—this Junie Moon is definitely a flirty girl! Thank you, Connie, for this beautiful work of art. I love it and you!


Jill B said...

Creative talent obviously runs in your family. What a lovely gift from your sister. Such a shame you broke the original, but the new Junie Moon is a wonderful replacement.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like her, June! Each piece of glass was fused separately (including adding the star in her eye), then assembled and "tack" fused together. I thought the eyelashes were the final touch of special that you give all of your projects... and they made me smile - like you do! Hugs!

Louie1959 said...

I LOVE it ! She has a sparkle in her eye just like you always do ! I loved the first one and this one is a great new version for a new year !!!

Louie1959 said...
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Thimbleanna said...

Your new moon is beautiful Junie! Happily you have your blog header to remind you of your original moon!