Friday, January 17, 2014

Holiday Trees

Yep, it’s another pillowcase blog post—one of thousands you can find online at many a seamstress’ blog. They are so much fun, though, it’s kind of hard to stop with one—just like the potato chip commercial asserts. And much like a favorite recipe you make over-and-over again, I have a favorite sewing tutorial. Michelle’s Magic Pillowcase tutorial is my go-to sewing instruction when I want to sew something fun and easy.

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I made some adorable flamingo pillowcases for my sister at Christmas but completely forgot to take a picture of them. But you can see the cute pillowcases I made for my own bed using festive holiday fabric. What could be more fun than sleeping on holiday trees—and these aren’t even crunchy under my head.

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Storybook Woods said...

Hey Miss Junie Moon. So good to see you. Oh homemade pillow cases are the coolest and so easy to make. Way better than store bought xox Clarice