Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014 Knit the Sky Progress

I’ve been faithful to my plan to knit the sky each day in 2014. This really is a lovely and thoughtful project—it’s nice to have a few minutes to just contemplate the sky each morning and what it means for my day. I’m more aware of the movement of clouds, the wind in the trees, and the calls of birds as they dart here and there. Watching the sky and choosing my representative 2 strands of yarns each day helps me celebrate the world around me in a very unique way—I think that could be construed as living in grace.

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Here is my scarf with the January section completed. We’ve been having some nasty cold weather here lately on the Gulf coast, so lots of gray is being used. The beginning of February did have a couple of sunny days where I could use blue yarn. I’m looking forward to seeing my scarf evolve over the year.

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