Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sajou Le Petite Monstre

My embroidery scissors proved too convenient to stash in my knitting accessory bag. When working on a hand-embroidery project, I’d have to dig out the knitting project de jour to find my scissors which meant I then forgot to put them back in the knitting bag. That was frequently inconvenient at Sit-and-Stitch Night downtown when my scissors were missing.

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I decided to get a pair of scissors to devote to just my embroidery and opted for Sajou’s Le Petite Monstre (Little Monster). At the time I wanted to buy them, they were out of stock at most shops in the U.S., so off to France I went—a virtual online shopping adventure to Sajou itself.

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The scissors are only 4.8 cm. While the blades are very short, the handles are large enough to fit over your fingers. They are perfect for embroidery.

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When ordering the Little Monster, I also ordered a scissors sheath to fit. It came with an embroidery chart for personalizing the case. Suitably personalized, my embroidery kit is complete. Thank you, Sajou!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Non-whirling Dervish Blogging

When I thought about returning to blogging, one important decision I had to make is how to fit it in my crazy life. Do I craft, sew, knit, cook, bake, and whatever like some whirling dervish in order to have wonderfully-clever posts to put on my blog? Or, do I just go about my life and share what I do?

I have opted for the latter—a simple sharing of experiences when I feel like it sounds more fun for me.

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Aren’t our tees cute with our personal inscription? When we moved here, I found a bag of these tees in our storage bin. The tees are leftovers from our wedding day golf tournament in 1998.

Today is the ladies golf league at the golf club my husband and I joined. It’s kind of an odd situation for me. For years, I played with my husband and his guy friends every weekend. Rarely did another wife join us.

Since moving here, I decided joining a women’s league would enable me to meet new people and make more friends. Playing golf with women is definitely different than playing with guys.

One difference is that I actually get to tee off first once in awhile and don't have to wait until all the men get done. An important variance is that the women take their game much more seriously than the fellows I've been on the course with over the years. Another difference is that the golf outfits are much cuter.

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My ball marker honors my alma mater. Okay, I'm off to play--think positive I hit 'em straight down the fairway.

Monday, March 25, 2013

University of Arizona Knit

While Spring is technically here, we are still experiencing some really cold weather. That is also true for one of my son-in-laws who is stationed near Montgomery, Alabama.

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Casey is a graduate of the University of Arizona which is located in Tucson where I lived before we relocated to Florida. He asked me to knit a hat to represent his school.

After we carefully chose just the right yarn colors together, I made him his hat by just using a basic knit cap pattern. The school’s patch was found on eBay. Now he has something to wear on these very cold mornings we are having in the south.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sailing Away

Despite the chilly weather and potential for rain, I'm on my way to Ft. Walton Yacht Club (we have a membership) to go sailing. Any day on the water is a joy. I hope y'all have a good day, too!

Ft. Walton Yacht Club Burgee, © 2012 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Source: Katie Daisy at The Wheatfield
Thank you, Lois, for helping me find the source of the beautiful poster. You can buy Katie Daisy's print here.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring into Creativity

My last post began, “Summer has begun for me”. Considering it’s almost two years since that post, this one ought to begin “Spring has begun for me”—how lovely that Spring represents new beginnings. For anyone still occasionally visiting my blog, I’ll share my current adventures—but not all at once as I’ve been a very, very busy girl. Today I’ll start with a couple of projects I’ve done recently.

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Last fall, I joined the Silver Threads Quilt Guild—a wonderful move on my part as I’ve learned a lot already. As with most quilt guilds, you are generally tasked to make your own name tag. Since I was tasked to create a blog for the guild, I opted to use our blog theme to make my tag. It was essentially a simple job to print on fabric but not as easy in this format to read the guild’s name as it is on the blog itself—lesson learned.

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The back is simply a piece of fleece as interfacing with lined with another piece of fabric. I attached a pin-back found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. And there we are—if I ever forget my own name, I can just wear my little homemade name tag.

© 2013 Dub Scroggin, All Rights Reserved 

At the recent Florida Emerald Coast Quilt Retreat & Show, I signed up for a class called “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” which was taught by Ellen Lindner of Adventurer Quilter. We were tasked to bring in one of our personal photos and create a small art piece—I chose one of my husband’s butterfly photographs. Don’t you think this is a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of Spring?

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Here is my interpretation of my husband’s photo. I’ve given my art quilt the title “Dub Honey’s Butterfly”. This link takes you to Ellen’s blog and story behind my effort.