Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chalk the Walks 2016

Today was Chalk the Walks which is “all about spreading joy, optimism and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk”.

You can read about this project here I thought this was a great idea, so I prepared by buying my chalk and pondering what bit of positivity I wanted to share when the big day arrived.

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Here is my offering:

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Sharing positive thoughts with others in the world is a good thing. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Filling in the Holes

“Needlepoint: the delicious art of filling in holes with wool.”
Carole Berman and Jennifer Lazarus

I started this needlepoint eyeglass case project whilst on a cruise and am picking it up again to hopefully finish soon. The front is almost done and then I can work on the back. I like to balance  creative activities like this between knitting projects.

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The needlepoint canvas is from the Elizabeth Turner Collection. The canvas, stitch book, and the needed yarns were purchased from Cabbage Row Shoppe during a trip to Charleston, SC. I always visit this shop when we’re in Charleston.

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My embroidery scissors were purchased directly from Maison Sajou in Versailles, France. Along with the scissors, I got a little scissors case which included a chart for stitching my monogram.

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All of my projects are organized in a bag specific to each project which makes it easier for me to grab and take to either the living room or on a trip. This particular bag (seen in top edge of first photo) is a pouch with two zippered pockets.