Friday, October 19, 2007

Blessings Friday

Many blessings were received this week. I am so spoiled that I’m going to have my name legally changed to Princess.

Gifts from Kelli

Kelli sent me a wonderful package. She sewed an adorable little patchwork bag for me and included a yummy raspberry chocolate bar, sweet little rub-on transfers to play with, and a cute stationery kit. And all because I loaned her a book—next I’m loaning her my car! Thank you, Kelli!

Gifts from Kristie

Kristie gifted me with these gorgeous Halloween towels when she came over to work with me on the Our Prayers for the World flag banner this past Sunday—they are the cutest things in the world! She also brought me two little gold seashells and a mermaid charm--does she know me or what? Thank you, Kristie!

Victoria Magazine

My issue of the new Victoria magazine arrived yesterday—the premier issue in the magazine’s reincarnation. I am so thrilled!

You Make Me Smile Award

The fabulous Joni of
Yummers! has awarded me the You Make Me Smile Award. The first award received by my blog—I’m so tickled. Check out Joni’s cool blog and you’ll smile, too.

She also tagged me. Since I recently posted two other tags about me, I will do this next week.

Today’s Cleaning Recipe

Today ends my Blog Action Day week-long project to share natural cleaning recipes from my files. My final recipe was deliberately chosen as a tongue-in-cheek observation that despite our worry that the world is going down the toilet, we can do something positive to clean it up.

I found this recipe by Sandy Maine at The Herb

You’ll wonder about the sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLS) ingredient. This is a chemical powder often used in bath bombs and to replace soap for those with soap sensitization.


For more recipes and information about the bad chemicals in commercial products as well as the good ingredients we can use, Natural Health Hut Clinic, Educational Center and Organic Herb Farm is a great

SLS powder: check your local herbal store for this. You can also Google for a supplier but here is one source.

Thank you for being part of my little world and have a wonderful weekend!


a pink-bee said...

Thank-you, for sharing these great cleaning recipes and lovely labels this week :)
Have a Happy weekend. :)
crystal xo said...

Well, Princess, those are some cutie pie towels, aren't they?

Kristie said...

My pleasure.

Yummers! said...

You have me so inspired and on 'overload'. I love all the cleaning supplies and am anxious to try them all. The labels are great... thank you, June.

I browsed all of your Flickr photos yesterday and have the urge to sew for myself (which I haven't done in years). Do you line your skirts?? Any skirt tips you'd like to pass along? Can you use an Amy Butler fabric or is it too light weight??

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing all your cleaning recipes this week! They will definitely be put to good use! Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Hi Princess!
I love all of your posts this week :)

African Kelli said...

I am so glad you are spoiled Junie. You should be!
How cute are those towels? Yowza. They will be hard to put away come Thanksgiving.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

You lucky girl with all your presents.
As there are so many other celebrities changing there name to whatever, I'm sure you can have Princess.
Lets hope you are nothing like the Princes that we have around.

Scrappy Moments said...

Those are such fun gifts, Love the Tea Towels :)



Those towels are just Darling! I have an Embroidery maching & never use it!? I gotta get busy making me some cute towels!!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing all the great cleaning information the past few day.
What sweet gifts you received....the tea towels are so cute. Linda