Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Wine and Natural Cleaning Recipes

This is so weird—adding cleaning recipes to a Halloween post. But I promised to continue my Blog Action Day offerings for the whole week. First up is Halloween.

How to Play Sommelier at Halloween

Wine gives me a headache after even just a tiny glass of it, so I don’t drink it. I only buy it for gifts. So, with all my questionable experience, here’s how I play sommelier when selecting wines at Halloween.

I go to the store and look for a bottle that has a plain black label around the cork (which must be real and not the screw-on variety) and the bottle glass is black in color. I don’t care what the paper label looks like ‘cause I’m just going to soak that bad boy off as soon as I get home and make my own label.

That’s it—simple, huh?

Sommeliers everywhere are now cowering in their wine cellars and whimpering uncontrollably over my atrocious behavior. We will pretend their moans are part of the Halloween ambiance.

This is a picture of some of my Halloween Merlot gifts. I modified Martha Stewart’s wine bottle label clipart from October 2000 to add our names on the label.

Ah, you want a link to her Halloween wine labels, don’t you? Okay, click here.

Wine always makes a nice hostess gift so this is one of my favorites to give during Halloween season. I cannot go empty-handed anywhere as it doesn’t feel right to me. So far, no one has complained about my wine choices.

Today’s Natural Cleaning Recipes

You only make what you’re going to use for this recipe.

I’m providing two recipes today, so here’s the second one.

I do a quick swipe with a broom and feather duster before scrubbing my windows to get off any extraneous dust and dirt.

The old adage about recycling black-and-white newspaper sheets to clean and shine your windows really does work. I use rubber gloves when cleaning in general but especially for scrubbing windows because the ink on the newspaper will get all over your hands.


Felicia said...

I like the sound of that mint window wash :)

Kristie said...

"We will pretend their moans are part of the Halloween ambiance."

You are too funny, June. Love it.

Storybook Woods said...

As someone who use to work at a winery, your post totally cracked me up !! By the way screw tops are the new hot thing. They are suppose to do a better job at sealing the wine instead of corks, so do not rule out a wine just because it has a screw top xoxoxo Clarice

rohanknitter said...

The re-fashioned wine bottles are great!
Thanks for putting all your cleaning recipes (and the sweet labels) on your blog for us!

Maize Hutton said...

Thanks for posting all your natural cleaning recipes. They're great!

The Graphics Fairy said...

Thank you for these wonderful recipes! I love making my own cleaning products, I think it's so much nicer when you know what your actually using, and no harsh fumes! Cute labels too.

a pink-bee said...

Love the way you redid the bottles ! :)
I will make and use that floor cleaner today :) Thanks Junie :)
crystal xo

TracyLH said...

I just came across your site. Super cute idea with the labels. I am heading over to Martha next as what you did was too cute! Thanks!!