Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good Witch or Bad Witch?

Some things work, some don’t. On a recent shopping expedition to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, I found two Halloween projects on the shelves I thought I’d try.

An iron-on decal and a fabric patch piece looked fun and easy. This also meant buying a white t-shirt and black hat with which to experiment.

The Witch with the Broken Broom

I started with the t-shirt. You iron the witch decal onto your item which transfers this plastic-kind of graphic.

This effort turned into a mess. Not only did the graphic not adhere well, it melted and smeared in some places—I’m sure I did something wrong. Whatever the reason, this witch isn’t flying anywhere so I’m calling her a bad witch.

Bat Hat

Here’s the hat project. You simply iron on the little fabric patch and you’re done--somewhat. It worked pretty well except a couple of places along the patch edge wouldn’t adhere. No problem, a simple stitch around the edge fixed that.

I probably won’t buy these pre-made gizmos again. I’d rather make my own stuff using my computer and printable fabric. But it was fun and I learned from the experiment.

Today's Natural Cleaning Recipe

I hope that the cleaning recipes I’m sharing so far demonstrate the truly simple ways you can make your own natural products at home. None are hard to make.

I found the shaker jar at a garage sale.


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

What a shame, maybe this is how you will feel after Halloween.
A frazzeled witch....
Maybe you could copy the picture and do it your way for next year.

Carol said...

You don't need any stinkin' pre-made things!!!!

Something that's not stinkin' is your home...I bet it smells great :)

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

So sad that your witch misbehaved! I haven't had good luck with patches sticking either. I thought it was just me.

I adore your paper dressed for the swap. I bet that was a fun one to participate in.

see you there! said...

Ohh, too bad those things didn't work better, I like the hat tho.

I really stopped by for more of the cleaning hints, terrific idea. Love the little shaker you used to package this one.


Storybook Woods said...

June, I am loving these homemade cleaner recipes and tags. They are wonderful. Thank you for being so generous with all of us.
xoxoxo Clarice

Lynn said...

Hi June! I feel like I haven't been in touch with the blog world lately, my computer is on the fritz! I love all your house-cleaning recipes, and I have bookmarked all of them. Thanks for tagging me for a me-me, I will post that as soon as I can get my computer to like me again... Who needs pre-made things? Especially when you can make freezer paper stencils!

Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

That's the same carpet freshener we use. We love experimenting with different scents - so far our favorite is orange and peppermint together! Very refreshing.

a pink-bee said...

Oh no ! I have had trouble with those types of transfers in the past too.
Cute hat !
Thanks for another cleaning recipe !
crystal xo

Gumbo Lily said...

Junie! This is the same "recipe" that I use to freshen and deordorize my carpets and the rugs that our dogs sleep on. I've been using a cheese shaker for it to hold my freshener. I keep a jar by the kitchen sink to use for scrubbing stained countertops and pans.

Yummers! said...

Dear June,
Check my blog for an AWARD and a TAG!!! I've only known you a short time but I've read your blog from the beginning. You make me smile!

The witch on the t-shirt actually looks OK... sort of misty. Not bad for a witch.

Thanks for the Phoenix quilt shops. I will visit them in November. I really appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to find them for me.

African Kelli said...

It is good to note what doesn't work; you are saving us all the hassle of figuring these errors out on our own. Nice!
And, Junie, as you know, you will always be Glinda in my book.

Irene said...

I saw those same stencils and almost bought them! Then, I thought- hey I can make these myself and walked on. Now, I'm glad I did. Thanks for sharing your experience and even a bigger thank you for all your wonderful recipes.

Scrappy Moments said...

I like it Better Like That Than The Way It's Supposed to be, I hate Iron Ons, The Cap Came out nice :)

If You really don't like the shirt, get a black Fabric Marker and Fill in where the Iron On Should Have been, I cheat and Do This with rub ons all the time :)


Anonymous said...

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