Sunday, October 28, 2007

The “Our Prayers for the World” Project

"With our thoughts we make the world" (an old Buddhist saying)

Today, Kristie and I took the prayer flag banner we made up into the Santa Catalina Mountains and found a spot in the aspens at Mt. Bigelow to hang them.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to the original post about the “Prayers for Our World”

This is our photo story of the “Our Prayers for the World” flag banner creation.

And here are pictures from today’s trip up into the mountains.

My favorite place in the Santa Catalina Mountains is this grove of aspens—it’s a place my husband and I return to on a regular basis no matter the time of year. When we had our big fire, this small grove was somehow spared for which I am ever so grateful.

Kristie agrees this is the perfect spot.

No sooner had we hung the prayer flag banner when a wind picked up and golden aspen leaves started falling like snow all around us. It was gorgeous.

Our prayers started whipping around in the wind—it was a very spiritual moment.

Kristie brought yummy pumpkin cookies she made in the shape of leaves and frosted to honor our outing. She also brought a thermos of the most delicious hot spiced tea and apples.

We had a little feast sitting on the ground amidst the golden aspen leaves and talking about the ups and downs of life and how differently people handle their challenges.

Your prayers and ours are now hanging in the aspens at Mt. Bigelow. All of you who sent us names for the banner now have your prayers as well as ours going out into the world—our master prayer list held 64 precious names.

We wish you and your loved ones peace, love, and healing.


Robyn said...

OH June this post brought a flood of tears. I am one of those who asked for a prayer. Thank you, thank you both for doing this for all of us! My you both be blessed for doing kindness for others. Thank you so humbly June. This meant the world to me...

Junie Moon said...

Robyn, this project meant a whole lot to Kristie and to me. We treasure the trust various people gave us in including their loved one's name(s) on the prayer flags. I hope it helps you as well as others--it helps us, too.

Anonymous said...

June & Kristie, thanks for hanging all our prayers for us. I can see and feel the love.
This was such a lovely thought you girls did for all of us......
Thanks You Both xx

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I was just wondering how your outing went and you didn't disappoint....It was a really special thing to do....your photos are lovely....looks like a magical place :-)

Storybook Woods said...

June, what a beautiful expression of love and caring. Thank you for being such an example to us. xoxoxo Clarice

Carol said...

Thank you June and Kristie, you are both very sweet indeed.

nyjlm said...

It makes me happy just to know that I'm on the earth with someone as special as you.
Love the pic of the flags blowing.

Jane said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in blogland! Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

African Kelli said...

What a wonderful experience! I just love this idea June! And I feel truly blessed to have been included in the flags.
Thank you for doing this.

Regina said...

What a beautiful project! Your payer flags look so pretty with all of the aspens.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Thank you June, and all those very same things are wished for the two of you.