Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Celtic Festival and Embroidered Clock

A few weeks before Thanksgiving we went to the Celtic festival celebrations in Tucson. We wandered about and had a good old time. I had Shepherd’s Pie for lunch which is my favorite. We watched the parade of clans, enjoyed feats of sporting prowess, listened to awesome Celtic music, and generally thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I love all the tartan patterns in the displays.

Here I’m looking for a Sutherland scarf which is my family. We couldn’t find one in my husband’s family pattern but I’m sure it can be ordered from Scotland. His dad’s family is from Scotland and his mother is from Ireland.

This is what I found at the festival for my mother-in-law who loves all things Celtic. It’s a battery-operated wall clock with the original clock face removed and replaced with a handmade embroidered piece. The Celtic knot is embroidered in my mother-in-law’s favorite green and burnt orange colors.

I had a nice long chat with the lovely woman who made the clock and she explained to me how to do it myself. It’s pretty simple and the process is as I described in the previous paragraph. Naturally, this has given me ideas.

This is the only gift I’ve bought—I’ve made everything else. We think Mom is going to love this gift and it still falls in line with our totally handmade Christmas.


iSew said...

As soon as I saw that picture I thought of Nova Scotia. There's a lot of Scottish heritage there (Nova Scotia means New Scotland) and I've been to more than one tartan shop. That clock is really neat. I think my sister-in-law- to be might like something like that.

Lynn said...

Mmm... Shepherd's Pie is my favorite too! You don't happen to have a great recipe, do you? :p The clock looks fabulous, I can't wait to see your take on it!

Yummers! said...

I love all the tartan patterns. I have a gored skirt where each gore is a different plaid. It may sound wild but it's really cute.

Arizona weather is beautiful but Phoenix is soooo big. It seems like everything is so close together. We had the best Mexican food I've ever had... several nights in a row. Yummy! I'd move for that.

Love your clock... it's lovely!

Storybook Woods said...

I am huge tartan fan, what fun that must be. oxoxox Clarice