Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good and Not So Good


In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the Shepherd’s Pie I enjoyed at the Celtic Festival. It’s one of my favorite dishes to make at home and Lynn of
Craftstew asked for my recipe.

There are many permutations of this recipe but here is the one I use—it is super easy to make.

Click on the picture to show it in larger form and then right-click to save to your hard drive for printing.

Not So Good

Last year I knitted a wool scarf for one of our son-in-laws, not the Irish Hiking Scarf but a different cabled pattern. He loved his scarf and wore it so much last winter he felt it needed washing to prepare for this year’s use—and he put it in the washer and then the dryer. Oops!

Here is how it was presented to me over Thanksgiving by my daughter. She worried I’d be upset but I’m not; things happen and we just deal with them when they do.

It’s now short enough for a toddler and is felted. I have promised to make him another scarf.

I should have thought about including a care card with the scarf but my husband's side of the family won't wear wool while my side (I have two children from a previous marriage) will. Anyway, I forgot about the wool care thing. Ah well; at least I know he loved his scarf and I'll send cleaning instructions this time.


Dannielle said...

That felted scarf would make some lovely slippers!

Abbie said...

Hi Junie Moon!
:) We have a huge Scottish Games here in NH. They are so much fun to go and see! The music and food are fabulous! hhhmmm.. there must be some wonderful use for that felted wool. Can you wrap it close and secure it with a vintage broach, like a scarflet? Atleast he loved it and wore it!
Perhaps as a sachet for lavender?

a pink-bee said...

Such a good idea to add care cards with the things we make.:) Thanks Junie. Hope your cold is better. Have a Happy Day :)

Miss Sassy said...

So sad about the scarf. I can still tell how beautiful it is!!! A new project for that felted scarf is probably in the works knowing how fast you work.

I can't tell if I'd like Shepherd's Pie. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Lynn said...

Thanks Junie! I can't wait to try the recipe!

The scarf story made me laugh. It's always good to know that items you made have been loved, right? I generally have the opposite problem, I keep trying to convince people that you really can machine wash quilts and they don't seem to believe me! The care cards really are a great idea, either to tell them to be careful when washing or to tell them they can wash!

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh, so sad about the scarf. It is a handsome one too! Do you have a lucky toddler to gift it to?

The Scottish Celebration looked like fun! Love those tartans.

We're big fans of Shepherds pie here and I just sent your recipe card to a friend who just yesterday asked for a written recipe. Thanks!


Saucy said...

Well, felted wool is "the latest rage" and surely you can do something fabulous with it!

Guess what June? I am going to be in Tucson NEXT WEEKEND! I don't suppose you ever like to meet your blogging friends IRL (in real life)? Would tea be nice?


Sunny Kristi said...

You know that scarf was truly loved! Especially to have the guts to show you what happened to it in order to possibly get a replacement. I'd be soooo flattered!

I've never made Shepard's Pie. Wasn't really going to look at the recipe, but maybe I'll try it out sometime!!