Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asian Mixed Media Art

Thank you for sharing what you’re reading and why yesterday. I’ve added a number of the books you mentioned to my library list.

Last September I wrote about creating your own wall art in my post about Loving Your
Home. Here is a series of multimedia art pieces recently created by Jen for her kitchen. All photos are Jen’s and used with her consent.

Jen is a young woman with a great enthusiasm for life and a willingness to learn, just thinking about her makes me smile. Inspired by another artist, she created her own art using paper and paint.


The larger pictures are 13-inches square and the smaller pieces 9-inches square.


There’s both a soothing simplicity and a subtle complexity to these works.


The small white leaves on the flowers in the vase are actually paper. I love the textural elements that give these pieces depth while maintaining the integrity of the design simplicity.


I love the way she’s featured each kitchen item in color in contrast to the black-and-white vase of flowers. It makes for a lovely balance, I think.

Sake Cup

The constancy of the vase of flowers anchors the grouping.


Jen cut her own mats and framed the art pieces herself, useful (and less expensive) skills I need to learn.

Teapot 2

I love the way Jen took an idea that resonated within to create something of beauty for her kitchen that reflects her own personality.

  • Jen’s Flickr account

  • My original post about wall art with additional resources

    Rosie's Whimsy said...

    There indeed wonderful. I like how she has used them to to balnce out the area above her cupboards. Good Job, Jen!!

    Kari & Kijsa said...

    love these- Jan has a fabulous eye and loads of talent!!

    kari & kijsa

    de vliegende koe said...

    Wonderful pieces of art by Jen! Thanks for showing.

    Yummers! said...

    How sweet of you to give Jen a showcase. Simple is better and that's a lesson I need to remember.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Ali said...

    Aren't they wonderful!

    kawaii crafter said...

    Love the mixed media pictures. In fact I enjoyed looking at just about everything on your blog. All the sewing projects below were really inspiring. I like how you share your resources for each project as well.


    Rosemary said...

    How pretty!!
    Thanks for sharing,

    Anonymous said...

    Love those pictures, so cute altogether.

    Alison Gibbs said...

    Jen's work looks fabulous.