Friday, January 11, 2008

Blessings Friday: Focus in 2008

Yesterday, Cherry’s post at Tales from Pixie Wood blog really resonated with me. She shared the “shift in hearts, minds, attitudes and opinions” taking place in her life.

Cherry talked about “focus,” a word my husband and I discussed last weekend as our enthusiasm for finding blessings in life has us frequently spreading ourselves too thin which kind of misses the point, doesn’t it? We are working on a concrete list of things on which to focus during 2008, both together and individually.

My craft room has a lot of stash stocked for gifts, home, and charitable efforts projects that will carry me through the year—how scary is that? Inspired by everyone else’s creativity, new projects are constantly added. To control this, I’m using
Joni's organizational tool to manage those ideas I want to try later.

I am limiting my activities this year to give me the time needed to achieve my goals. In addition to my stockpiled projects, the following are my creative commitments thus far in 2008:

Junie Moon Bandage Brigade—this endeavor ends this month (I hope to host another one next year).
  • Finn and Donk’s Sewing Adventure—a year-long sewing effort.
  • Comforting Cathy Shawl—a group effort to which I’ll be adding my rows of knitting along with a prayer ribbon.
  • The Flat Stanley World Tour Project—I am excited about helping Angie’s (Norththreads) daughter’s schoolmates as I think this is a wonderful educational experience for the kids.
  • Cancelled Stamp Collection—I’m saving stamps for two little boys in Germany who are learning about stamp collecting. I almost have enough to send to them.
  • Coaster Swap—described below.
  • Photo Swap—described below.
  • Club Little House—I have no idea if this will even occur but I’m saving time for it just in case Amy hosts it again.
  • Kristie’s Christmas CD Swap—again, not officially scheduled, but I hope Kristie invites me again.
  • Some charitable projects are also on my calendar and I’m watching for one other swap in case it occurs, but this is pretty much it for my 2008 scheduling. Don’t you think all this is enough? I do.

    My focus will be on home, heart, mind, body, and spirit this year. That sounds vague but I do have specific things to accomplish in each area.

    Coaster Swap

    Little sets of coasters (4 per set) I made last year for a Special Olympics fund raiser

    Amy at Ibby
    Bee is our swap creator. Since coaster sets are on my to-do list anyway, this will help me focus on not only my swap offering but the gift sets I need to make.

    Photo Swap

    Megan at The Scent of
    Water created this idea. I love the whole concept as taking and subsequently sharing a beautiful photograph is an act of using all of your senses.

    I’m pretty bad about finding time to just relax—I’m on the go about 20 hours a day, 7 days a week until I end up sick or something; so this “focusing” endeavor is proving a blessing already. It’s a relief to have a plan; now I just have to “work” the plan.

    Hugs to all of you—have a fantastic and very blessed weekend!


    Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

    You are sooooo organised.
    I have so many ideas in my head but I'm frightened to write it down. It may be too overwelming and then I'll give up now.
    So glad your joining the coaster swap.

    Yummers! said...

    Reading your blog today made me admire your work even a bit more.

    We are opposites. I nap, read a great deal, watch tons of movies, chat on the phone a lot, and enjoy my husband's pampering. But I still manage to be creative. When I get an idea, I have to try it right away. I enjoy the process. I don't do swaps other than 1:1 personal swaps, but I enjoy reading about what others are swapping. I do service projects but don't say anything about them. I'm on my second bandage for you. Slow but steady... my stitches come out tomorrow.

    We are all so different and that makes friends interesting.

    Lynn said...

    Wow, you must either have a great memory or you are super organized. There's no way I would remember to do all of that! I'm still working on that bandage for you, I carry it around with me so whenever I have a spare moment, I knit! :)

    Jan said...

    Wow, what a list. And you didn't even mention writing a daily blog.

    The Wooden Spool said...

    Junie, you are sooo talented and devoted! You truly have a gift at doing for others. Thanks for keeping us all smiling. Have wonderful weekend.

    Storybook Woods said...

    Wow, I am impressed. I only have a plan for today !!!! xoxoxox Clarice

    homespun living said...

    I admire all that you do Junie! Such good advice about focusing, something I need to do as I tend to take on too much at times.
    Thanks for mentioning the Jane Austen schedule ~ I can't wait!


    Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

    You ARE cute! And pretty!
    Thanks for the visit.

    Robyn said...

    great post June! Hmmm....yeah I am spread a bit too thin too and its just the beginning of Jan! Eekkk! Great post!

    Lisa said...

    Love the coasters in your swap. Beautiful fabric.

    Happy New Year!

    African Kelli said...

    June, you've said this so well. I think it what most of us are feeling this time of year -- just when the decorations get put away and we all think, "How can I keep myself from signing up for too much this year?"
    I am working on focus and being deliberate too. Thank you again for the great reminder.
    And those coasters are great! You always have the nicest fabrics.

    Pat said...

    I'm pretty new to the world of blogging, so I haven't joined any online swaps or group craft projects as yet, but I do volunteer work in a few neighborhood organizations, and I know it's hard sometimes to say a polite "no" when asked to do more and more.
    "Faith ~ Family and Friends" is a good order in which to choose priorities, and don't forget to save a little time for yourself!