Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to Save a Life

Did you know that one pint of blood from a single donor may save 3 lives?

Every 5 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood in order to live. Out of 39% of the American population eligible to donate blood, only about 5 percent do so (and it drops considerably during the winter months).

This January, during National Blood Donor Month, follow these four simple steps at your local donation center and become a life-saving donor.

1. Registration
2. Mini-Physical (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, iron level)
3. Blood Donation (generally about 15 minutes)
4. Snacks


U.S. blood type distribution is approximately as follows (updated as I accidentally left out the O types—thanks Vonna!):

  • O Rh-positive: 38%
  • O Rh-negative: 7%
  • A Rh-positive: 34%
  • A Rh-negative: 6%
  • B Rh-positive: 9% (This is my blood type)
  • B Rh-negative: 2%
  • AB Rh-positive: 3%
  • AB Rh-negative: 1%

More than 39,000 units of blood are needed each and every day—that’s a lot of blood and it has to come from us. The person who needs it next could be you, me, or someone we love, so I’m calling today to make an appointment to donate my blood.

There is probably a blood bank near you or even a mobile donation center. Check your local paper or go online to find your nearest blood donor sites:


Vonna said...

Hey where's the O positives and negatives? That's what I am O positive CMV negative---this is my profession, so I'm big on this too...O blood types are the UNIVERSAL donors as they have not specific antigens on their Red Blood Cells and can donate to any other type. Now RH positives, usually can only donate to RH positive recipients, so the "universal - universal" donor is O get out there and donate! Not only do you get all that you listed, but all blood is screened and testing for: HIV and hepatitis. And it's also important to note that the US blood supply is SAFE!!!

Lynn said...

Oh June, I am so glad to see you post this. When I was in college, I would give blood regularly (must have been the snacks!) but I had to stop after I graduated because of trips I took to third world countries. I can never remember if the requirement is a back for a year or back for 3 years...

Kristie said...

June, you and I have the same blood type. I knew we were sisters!

Keri said...

My brother has to have blood transfusions sometimes because of a disorder he has, and I learned recently that you could go down an donate specifically FOR someone. I think all you have to do is know their SS#, then you give blood and that person gets "credits" for your blood. So the next time they're in the hospital they won't have to pay for however much blood they've been "credited" for. Also good to know - you GIVE only a pint of blood, but when you GET blood you automatically get at least TWO, whether you need it or not.

It's good to know you can help out a friend or loved one even if you don't have compatible blood types!!!

Yummers! said...

Another great blog post, Junie Moon! So informative. I've never been able to give blood because of a medication I take... wish I could.

Ali said...

Thanks for the prod June. I haven't donated since I had the boys, but I need to make the time to do it. Because as the man told me the first time I went - you bleed really well.

Poor hubby can't. After he nearly fainted on 2 occasions, they politely suggested he didn't try again!!

Inspired Tokens said...

What a great post! Something that we all need and should do, but just don't think about it. I'll have to get down to my local blood bank next week. Thank's for the reminder and information. You must have a heart of gold I think. PS...I knitting away on the bandages and should have them in the mail next week.

Thimbleanna said...

A great reminder Junie! That "check iron level" always gets me so I can't donate, but now that my two boys are adults they give blood. One of them is A-, so he's extra popular with the red cross LOL!

meg said...

I've had to stop for the time being (anemia & uncooperative veins), but my guys are regular donors- in fact, Sam recruits his martial arts buddies to go along.
Thanks for putting out the message!

Sunny Kristi said...

Hey we are the same type! I stopped when I was pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant and breastfeeding. Now I just need someone to watch the kiddies for me to go. I haven't had great luck. I think I've only successfully donated twice. The other times I either passed out or didn't have enough iron in my blood. Great PSA though!

Rosemary said...

Very good post today June.

Yolanda said...

This is very important and very true. I know the value of donated blood as I am a nurse. If you can please donate.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Such a great reminder!! (and the promo sign is hilariously effective!!!)

kari & kijsa

Robyn said...

Good Show June! Since I work in a hospital that is where I donate! But this really is a great easy thing. The other thing to remember...if you are going through Chemo (learned when I was on Chemo)you can not donate. Due to several factors...white blood cell count and the chemo it self!

Pat said...

This is a great thing to do June! As an RN I know that often local blood banks get dangerously low on supplies. It's especially good for men to donate a pint of blood, because they often have high iron levels and their donation "thins" their bood and makes it healthier.