Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Complete Jane Austen

My enthusiasm for Jane Austen knows no bounds. So when I learned about the upcoming TV series from Teresa at Plumwater Cottage, I just couldn't resist posting about it.

from Molland’s (see Resources below)

This Sunday marks the beginning of PBS’ Masterpiece homage to Jane Austen—The Complete Jane Austen, a series that will carry us through the beginning of April. This will be such a lovely accompaniment to my bandage knitting efforts on Sunday nights.

I’ve made a printable schedule (click to enlarge and print) for you. I printed mine on magnetic paper and posted it on my refrigerator. Check your local listings for times.

Originally a cover for Pride and Prejudice, I’ve modified the photo to make the schedule

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?

My result:

You are Eliza Bennett from Pride and Prejudice! Yay, you! Perhaps the brightest and best character in all of English literature, you are intelligent, lively, lovely-- in short, you are the best of company. Your only foibles are that you stick with your first impressions... and your family is quite intolerable.

Quiz link

  • Austen Blog

  • “Austentacious” Ravelry group. This is a knit-and-read-along I just discovered via Meg’s Garden blog

  • Hyper-concordances of all Jane Austen's novels

  • Jane Austen Centre with all sorts of information

  • Jane Austen Font

  • Jane Austen’s House Museum

  • Jane Austen Society with links to Buenos Aires, Melbourne, North America, and UK society members

  • Jane Austen Paper Doll

  • Molland's free e-cards, online texts of Jane Austen's novels, and other books and articles about Jane Austen and her work

  • My post from last September about spending a “Jane Austen” afternoon includes a tea recipe

  • PBS Masterpiece: The Complete Jane Austen (they also offer a free bookmark you can print)

  • The quilt Jane Austen made


Storybook Woods said...

OH June I LOVE you, thank you. I can not wait !!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo Clarice

see you there! said...

I just recently re-read Pride and Prejudice. It had been a long time since I first read it and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

BTW, I posted about the Bandage Brigade on my blog today.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Wonderful! I can't wait. I will have to look it up to set the Tivo. Don't want to miss a minute if someone else is watching Hockey....hehehe

Miss Sassy said...

Yay, yay, yay! My mom and I were just wondering when it started. Thanks for the schedule - that rules! Thank goodness for DVR and that football is almost over (well, not really about the football but now we'll have something to watch in lieu of the Packers).

I have a sweatshirt from my mom that reads I heart Mr. Darcy. I'll be working on my bandages now since I can only crochet 1/2" every 2 hours.

Yummers! said...

Thank you so much Junie Moon for a GREAT post!! It was informative and fun! I took the quiz and am "Marianne"... guided by heart rather than head. So true!!! But you, my dear, are the best... Elizabeth Bennett. Thanks for the schedule... I'll print it out. We own most of the DVDs but it will be fun watching it on PBS knowing so many others are watching it at the same time.

I'm off to JoAnn's to get supplies for a Valentine's day project.

Colleen said...

Already programmed on my dvr :) Can't wait!


Thank you! I just printed it. Have a great day. I'm enjoying embroidering my CLH rug.

Rachel said...

Thanks so very much for the heads up! We purchased all the BBC versions of these on dvd, several years back and have been adding the A&E versions to our collection lately. Can't wait to add these new ones to the bunch. I think I may have one of the few husbands around that read all of Jane Austen's books multiple times and enjoys them and the movies thoroughly. Yep, he's a keeper ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Junie! What a GREAT post!!! Thanks for all the fun info and links -- I'll be busy for awhile now!!!

Bean said...

Did you catch the recent airing of Jane Eyre on PBS, too? *love it*

I'm so glad we have a tivo and I don't have to worry about the showtimes, I already had them all programmed to record!

My Fair Daisy said...

Thanks for posting these dates and all of those links. I have been very much looking forward to the Austen movies starting on PBS! Need to set up my DVR :)

Cat said...

Oh thank you so much!!!! I absolutely love Jane Austen and already went and setup the TiVo.


Rosemary said...

Thanks for the tip June!!
I guess we are a lot alike. I got the same results as you on the quiz.

Felicia said...

Thanks! I printed out the pretty schedule you made :)

Cay said...

This is absolutely wonderful.
Thank you! :)

I just printed out a copy of the schedule. What a nice keepsake.

Kristie said...

Thanks, June. I'll be excited to watch the series.

meg said...

Glad to have you join along- I already knew I liked you, but now I see we are "kindred spirits"
Thank you so much for the links- I've already printed my bookmark

Gumbo Lily said...

Bless you my friend! I adore Jane Austen and will be thrilled to watch on PBS along with you. Sharing this great news with my daughter and friends who are also Austen fans.


iSew said...

Thanks so much for telling us about this. I have such a hard time finding things to watch on TV.

meg said...

You know, June- the scones got me thinking (uh-oh, this could be dangerous) we should have a virtual tea party on "Masterpiece" nights for all the Austen-ites! I think I'll suggest it on Ravelry.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

We've already got the whole thing scheduled to record on our DVR! Hubby and I can't wait!!!!!!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

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