Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Scrumptious Day

Today I am washing curtains and linen napkins. Crystal at Fairiebees has been posting a little scrumptious tip each day which reminds me to cherish each moment, including doing laundry.

Source: Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse

After washing everything using my homemade lavender laundry detergent, I’m using a trick found in the March 1994 issue of Victoria magazine. Pour an herbal infusion of lavender into the last rinse cycle. An infusion is essentially a strong tea.

After my laundry chores, my intent is to sit quietly for a bit and enjoy a cup of tea using yet another idea from Victoria magazine (February 1990), a recipe for Lover’s Tea.

I modified a recipe card I bought at The Vintage
Workshop. Right-click on each picture to enlarge and print—I use cardstock for printing my recipe cards.

Here is the tea recipe.

And here are the serving instructions.


Inspired Tokens said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. Enjoy the laundry, how can you not with lavender infused anything? Enjoy your cup of tea and the Victoria mag! Oh, what a simply devine day! I love the redo of the card too, it's so cute.

Miss Sassy said...

We are having another winter storm. Schools are closed and so it my husband's work. Yikes!

What a great recipe. I put lavender essential oil and vinegar in the rinse cycle. The lavender scent lingers but the vinegar doesn't. The vinegar helps remove the soap reside and reduce static cling.

I love Victoria Magazine and have since I was a young girl!

a pink-bee said...

What a scrumptious post :) Thanks so much for the recipes, have to use them when I do laundry. It will be nice for making that every day chore more enjoyable :) Have a happy day :)
crystal xo

Pat said...

I am so happy Victoria Magazine is back in print! It is alwasy full of beautiful ideas.

Lilli said...

My Gramma used to make lavender vinegar, from the lavender in her garden. She put it in her bathwater and said it made her skin really soft. I never tried it myself, but it smelled good. She got the recipe from the Barbara Milo Ohrbach book :)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh yumm, you know how I love tea. Thank you mama xoxoxox Clarice

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your attitude!
Enjoying the simple (even mundane) things is a choice. Why not choose to be happy doing laundry? I presoaked and then washed my kitchen dish cloths today (they were looking grundgy) and I'm so pleased with the result! It truly is the "little things" that make life grand.


P.S. The tea sounds delish.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Sounds like a perfect day of contentment. I love wash day....putting some scent in the rinse water would make it all the better. Thanks for the tip :-) Rosie

Paula said...

Can you share how you make your herbal infusion of lavender for the last rinse cycle? Also, how can you tell when it is the LAST rinse cycle? Can I put it in when I normally add fabric softener? Thanks!!! :)