Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making Things in a Clutch

The Special Olympics fundraiser my sister and I volunteered to help is coming up this Saturday. Connie is working on stained-glass pieces. My own efforts involve my sewing machine.

Clutches from the Bend the Rules book seemed like a good idea—something that doesn’t involve high costs in materials. Keeping costs low means being able to price an item so it sells faster. That equates to more money raised for the Special Olympics in my mind.

Some of the clutches use a bandana-type print along with a checked lining fabric. I have the same fabrics in other colors, too.

My sister told me not to make too many things and that there will be a lot of motorcycle people there. I’m not sure why this is important or even whether it makes a difference, but I’ve tried to take that into consideration. And what exactly does one make for Harley people? I just don’t know. Connie suggested things with skulls.

So, I’ve made some using the skull theme. The whole skull thing kind of feels creepy to me when it’s not Halloween—that’s the time when I can happily embrace such images.

Time is running out for me getting these projects done. I’ve reserved Friday for making labels and packaging each item.

Do you make things for charitable functions? I have two sewing days left. If you think the clutches aren’t a good idea, please quick let me know.


Pat said...

Good morning June! I'd love to purchase one of the skull clutches from you to contribute to the fund raiser! My daughter adores things with that motif, and she is not a Harley person! I know it seems strange, but I guess that is a youthful design. :-) A Japanese artist made it very popular textile design, I think.

The very best of luck raising funds for a very worthy cause. I have an autistic nephew who participated many times in the Special Olympics and it was very good experience fro him and my brother and sister-in-law.

Hugs, Pat

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Your clutches are always so adorable....even the skull one! I don't know why that is a popular theme with young people right now....seems a bit creepy to me, too! They will probably be the first to go. :-) Rosie

Jane said...


I am preparing for a craft sale in November. I hadn't thought of clutches, but I certainly will now! I like the skull print you chose. Please report back on how the sale went and such. I am looking forward to crafting for charity. I really don't need stuff and I have already gifted a lot of my sewing projects to family and friends.

Anonymous said...

June, I admit I haven't made items for a charity though I often donate items for them to sell in their fundraisers. But I want to say I will immediately being Googling to locate that book you mention: I have been looking for a simple fold over clutch just like this! Though I don't get much time for crafts (since I'm pursuing other creative pursuits) I do like to make a few items now and then. THIS is something I REALLY want and hope to make. Thanks for letting us know where to find the pattern. I love the ones you've made.


Yummers! said...

Hi June,
I love the fabrics you've used in your little purses... the Goth theme will be popular. What about wristlet purses as they ride along on their cycles. Actually... you couldn't go wrong with scarves made from Goth fabrics. They wear them on their heads, their necks, their wrists, etc. You could package them in sets of 2-3 and tie them with a ribbon.

I'm off to Jenny Craig this afternoon. But, I'm totally uninspired as far as creating something. Need to read through your Marie Claire mags. I am sketching a bird pillow for Wendy's guest room but haven't done anything with the stitching yet. Thanks for your help, though.

Cat said...

I love the idea of the clutches. I am sure you will sell a lot of them. Yes definitely the skulls a very good idea, love the dragon on it also.


Melissa said...

Love the clutches! I find that another quick sewing project in a pinch are wallets. The ones I make are similar to your clutches, I think, except they open on the side an have little card slots. Different closures can make them a little more masculine too, which opens up your selling power, especially for charity!

Anonymous said...

Oh June, they all look great But who knows what sells at any fundraising stall????
Motorbike people may just like that fabric done up as bandanas too.
Good luck with everything you have made.

African Kelli said...

You are too good! If I were attending, you know I'd buy these. They are great.
And yes, I do make things for charitable auction.

kim said...

I love them. Motorcycle peopel can be normal, too!

But if she means it's a "tough" crowd, you could make some do-rags!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh they are wonderful, everyone will love them xoxoxo Clarice

Jan said...

I love the clutches, and am sure that they will be big sellers. As for the skulls, the teens really do love them. I had some "Day of the Dead" fabric sitting around the house, and the first thing both of my college age boys wanted when I learned to quilt was a 'Day of the Dead blanket'. So yes, I can pretty much guarantee that they will sell.

nicolette said...

Even Harley motor-riders have their soft-spots! I think those clutches will sell like crazy. They are so adorable. So much more beautiful than the original one in the book!
Good luck with the sales and raising money for a wonderful cause!

Lisa said...

I was just reading how clutches were back, and trying to imagine myself with something that... small. But, seeing the turquoise ones there ~ well, I might just be glad to carry one of those around. You make the best stuff!

Gumbo Lily said...

I really like your clutches! We live close to the STurgis Motorcycle Rally and the thing I think about for selling to them is that you want to keep it easy to transport. Your clutches would be easy to stuff into a backpack. Small things that aren't fussy or breakable. Also, if they can wear it, all the better! (rally-goers wear lots of headbands/scarfs/belts)

Best wishes on your sale!


Diana said...

I keep seeing the mention of 'Bend the Rules' I will have to look for that. I need to get my sewing in gear too.
Your clutches are great and the perfect gift too!