Thursday, April 17, 2008

Resources for Selling at Craft Fairs

Although the Special Olympics fund raiser this Saturday is not a major craft fair, I’m trying to do a good job with it. I’ve been researching craft fairs in order to learn more about how to sell, what to sell, and all the permutations of selling.

Source: North Fulton Times

There are a lot of resources for participating in craft fairs. Here are a few articles I found written by bloggers that may be helpful to you:

  • Craft Fair Tips: The Small Object
  • Craft Show Checklist: Microwave Girl
  • Craft Show Display: Inspiri Art and Craft
  • Craft Show Failure: I figure I need to know how it feels if people don’t buy your things, so I’m including this article
  • Essentials to Bring: Craft:Boom
  • Good Booths Gone Bad: Luann Udell
  • Production/Pricing of Items: Homemade Bath Products
  • Tips for Selling at Craft Fairs: Los Angeles Craft Mafia
  • Tips for Selling Jewelry: The Anapurna Girls


Yummers! said...

Only Junie Moon would enter into the craft fair doing research. But, good for you!! You'll probably raise more money than anyone else.
Have fun at the fair!

Ali said...

Great links Junie - thanks! And have a great fund-raiser.

a pink-bee said...

Thanks for the info and links :)
Have a Happy Day :)
crystal :)

Pat said...

Hi June!

Thanks for the links! I found out there will be a big craft fair in Brooklyn from the first link!

I hope you and you sister have a very successful fundraiser!

Hugs, Pat

albertapostcards said...

June, what great information. I've checked 2 out so far. Thanks for this.


Luann Udell said...

Hey, I just found your pointer to my blog series on doing craft shows. Thank you for that, and I hope your show went well!