Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Clothes Continued

This little cotton top was made using the same Simplicity pattern as used for the sundress (yesterday’s post).

I decided to embroider around the collar Sashiko style (well, my interpretation of it anyway) with black, light blue, and light khaki colors.

My Junie Moon logo works fine as labels which I print on fabric. Rounding the corners helps keep them from fraying and looks nice and neat to me.

The same Simplicity pattern offers pants and shorts options—my money was well spent on this pattern (and it was on sale). I made khaki-colored cotton Bermuda shorts yesterday to go with my top. We’re having really strange weather for Tucson, very cloudy with rain, so photographing the shorts outside won’t work. They’re just shorts and nothing fancy anyway, although I will say that I really like the non-binding waistband and using twill to reinforce it.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Very cute top, and I Love the dress!
I had to laugh at your list of wearing clothes 'weirdnesses'.
Although, I don't mind summer clothes, I absolutely hate coats and jackets. If its too cold for just a sweater...I'd rather not leave the house. LOL

Kimberly :)

Thimbleanna said...

What a clever idea to add the embroidery. Very cute. And the logo!!!! I Love It!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh June you have tags, how fun. I love your top too. Clarice

Pat said...

The top looks cool and comfortable and very pretty with the embroidery, and I'm sure the shorts look great, too. I love the "private collection" labels! A very designer touch!

Hugs, Pat

Cat said...

That top is adorable. I love when patterns are on sale.


Saucy said...

How fun to have your own designer label. Kimora Lee Simmons will have to step aside!

Jane said...

Another great design!

Gumbo Lily said...

Junie, I love this white top and the bit of embroidery. I also like your sun dress below! Your clothing secrets were great fun to read. You sound like my kinda gal. My FIL used to say I ran a nudist colony when my kids were tots. They didn't like clothes much either (in summertime, that is).


Yummers! said...

So that's why you're always baking for the neighbors!!!

The pattern is cute and so are the resulting creations. I like the touch of embroidery.

I live in my pjs too. They are all sooooo comfy! Even in the winter I wear flannel pj bottoms and a sweatshirt on top.

June... you little nudist, you!

Diana said...

I love the simplicity of white! Added embroidery just makes it special. You are Miss Talent!

SewAmy said...

love this top. I love white .