Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Clothes

I’ve been sewing a few summer clothes in between and betwixt my other projects. First, here are some strange but true secrets about me relative to clothing.

Source: Dover Publications (I think—dang, I can’t remember, but that’s the file in which I placed the graphic)

  • I don’t care squat about sewing clothing during winter when you actually need them to keep warm.
  • Pajamas are my daily attire. I have been known to ride thusly clad to the Dairy Queen with my husband (who is appropriately dressed) to get ice cream. My neighbors and friends (as well as Dairy Queen workers) are well aware of this habit of mine.
  • I do not sleep in pajamas; they’re just for cleaning house, surprise visitors, or ice cream runs.
  • In summer, I usually live in pareos (sarongs) that I wrap around myself in various ways, so much cooler.
  • I don’t like wearing clothes in general, makes me feel confined.
  • Do not EVER look over the fence around my backyard in the summer months! I can’t bear swimsuits either. All neighbors have been duly trained—and since I reward them with a constant barrage of food and they are essentially kind people, they comply.
  • I do wear a swimsuit in the pool if we have guests and therefore have a collection of these necessary items—no need to frighten folks so their eyeballs fall out and roll down the street, thus needlessly scaring neighborhood kids.
  • I like the “idea” of summer clothes.
  • If forced to wear clothes, my choices are generally very conservative and boring.
I do realize this is weird on a number of levels, but there you are. And here is one of the things I’ve made.

This sundress was made using Simplicity pattern 2975.

I decided to be brave and pick a wild print. Here’s a closer view of the collar section.


Storybook Woods said...

Ohhhh great dress. I live in my nighty tooo !!!! xoxoxox Clarice

Heidi said...

Hee--Nudie June! Who woulda guessed?

SewAmy said...

Love the dress, saw it on flickr and had to come read your blog.

Kristie said...

That's really cute, June. I want to see it on you. I've seen them in stores, and I've passed them up because I cannot answer this question: what are you going to do about bra straps with a collar like that? After years of my life wasted searching for this specialty bra and that, I no longer buy clothes if the bras I own won't work with them.

Pat said...

LOL! June! You are very lucky to li e in an area where is it warm most of the year and the "au naturale" look is a way of life...lol!

I'm always cold and bundled up until the hot and muggy months of July & August hit NYC and then it's t shirts and "peddle pushers" --a term that makes my daughter laugh with it antiquity!

That is a pretty dress! Prefect to pop on for an ice cream run!

Thanks for your congratulations! I'm so excited to know I'll be a grandmother by the end of the year!

Hugs, Pat

iSew said...

I must admit, I'm very surprised! Haha

I like to make pajamas a lot more than I like to wear them. And that's a great dress!

a pink-bee said...

LOL :) Love that sun dress~ making summer clothes ~ another sweet idea :) Hope you never get a "what are you wearing" prank call :)

Have a happy day :)

a pink-bee said...

Oh ~ forgot -love the clothes the ladies in the pic are wearing !

Cat said...

OMG girlfriend we are so alike. I am also so not a clothes person and live, I mean live, in my jammies. But not your traditional jammies, the cotton or flannel pant jammies and yes I even wear them out of the house. I don't think anyone realizes they are jammies, LOL well maybe they do but are to kind to say LOL. Same with the pool but unfortunately my hubby and neighbor worked and cleared off all the bushes and things between our houses, so now it is clear view. I told hubby last year we needed to something between the houses for pool season ;-)
Oh love the dress.

Tracyton Boulevard said...


rohanknitter said...

Guess it's good you like in such a warm climate, hee! : ) I do see plenty of people out and about in pajama pants (and sometimes their slippers) so I guess that's the thing to do. That is a super cute dress!

Ali said...

Ah June, I like you even more, you rebel you!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Oh thank goodness you told me or I may have looked over the fence. LOL!
I love that dress. I bought the same sort last christmas from Target.
Look out they may start looking for the "JUNIE MOON" Collection.

African Kelli said...

Junie! That dress is fantastic. Can't wait to see you rocking it with that fabulous head of short hair.

meg said...

My, my, Junie dear~ this is a side of you I've never *ahem* seen :-D
The sundress is totally cute!

Thimbleanna said...

You crack me up Junie! Now we know the real you LOL. Love your new dress -- it seems you're bucking the conservative, boring trend -- I Love It!

kim said...

Junie Nude! LOVE IT! If my dad had his way he'd probably live in a nudist camp.

I have to say, skinny dipping is the most wonderful feeling. The water feels so wonderful gliding across your skin. And you'd NEVER know until you did it.

That dress is so cute and you make the best hostess gifts too!

Jane said...

That dress is amazing! I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing that! I'm all for the skinny dipping!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh you are priceless! I could never get away with the natural look where I am but I am a daytime jammies girl! I'm with you on sleeping attire....I hate being "confined".

Cool dress and I love the top in the your latest post. The embroidery really sets it off!

((hugs)) Rosie

Beata said...

Love the neckline - the fabric makes it look very 60's!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This dress is going to look wonderful on you. I love the bold print!

We have a hot tub in a gazebo...with tinted windows, thank goodness! LOL!

Carol said...

Oh June!

hunnybunny said...

That's fabulous! I keep saying I'm going to make myself clothes, for now I'll live through you. It's going to be lovely on you!!

CathyJean said...

Well, Miss Junie Moon, that was pretty straight forward and honest!
I understand fully where you are coming from. I hang out at home in long baggy t-shirts myself and can't wear "real" shoes anymore because my feet rebel. Crocs go with anything, anyway, right? Even in the winter - they work with wool socks :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I guess the name Junie MOON has more than one meaning! LOLOLOL! You are a most interesting character JunieMoon. Love the new dress--it's very pretty.
Smiles, Karen

elizabeth said...

so their eyeballs fall out and roll down the street, thus needlessly scaring neighborhood kidsLoL ! ! !
Oh my, you crack me up! and the dress is nice, too.